Friday Cat Blogging

Anybody else need a rest from politics?

So we’ve had Lola one day shy of a week. She’s 11 weeks old and is a purr machine. She is adapting quite well to her new home despite Mrs. C coming down with a bad cold. She’s certainly a pleasant distraction from all the fuckery going on in the news.

Thank You So Much Everybody

I just want to thank everybody for their condolences. It has been a difficult time since we lost our buddy. We keep expecting to get some of his attitude as he yells at us for not feeding him fast enough or some other form of cat rule that we had so ignorantly broken.

Your words mean a lot and it helps. I know this blog isn’t as active as it was years ago but I’m really glad I came back to blogging.

Especially since we may have an impending Trump presidency and religious fanatics are still as crazy as fuck. (Seriously, wtf is the big deal with bathrooms now. Is this really a dire issue?)

I’ll be blogging sporadically for the next few days and then we’re taking a trip to Montreal (J’ai besoin de pratiquer mon fran├žais!).