Friday Cat Blogging

It’s not quite noon yet but I think I’m done with the news for a few days. So Happy Lolaween.

And I’m out of cats for guest cat blogging. Send to! We’re going to need all the cuteness we can get to balance the shitty news we are getting every single day.

Bon Vendredi

Lola’s first birthday was last week. She is doing well and is extremely healthy. She does have a tendency to bite her ankles in frustration whenever she hears Trump’s voice on the tv. Although, she may just be mimicking the rest of the household.

I always feel like the new year begins right after Labor Day. January 1st is a horrible time for a new year to begin. Coming from New England, January 1st is the doorway to winter hell. Maybe it’s because school starts in September (or did for me at least) and the end of summer which made it feel more like a new beginning to the year. Or maybe I’m Jewish and never realized it. (Rosh Hashanah is coming up). So I hope everybody had a good first week to the new year.

Friday Cat Blogging (Back from Vacation Edition)

I returned from Paris a few days ago but haven’t yet resigned myself to returning to reality. Getting away to reset your brain is always a wonderful thing but this time it was really important. Trump’s narcissism, idiocy, and hatred is really just invading American society in every single way possible. It’s hard not to pay attention to it because we are bombarded by it daily. Sure, you can try to ignore it, but that isn’t a fix to his long term policies.

So it was wonderful to get away from the daily news dumps of his childish and irresponsible tweets.

Paris is always amazing. I won’t bore you with pictures (that’s what Instagram is for), but we stayed away from most of the big touristy things this time. We did get to the Picasso museum which is wonderful and in one of my favorite areas of Paris (Le Marais!)

Lola was fine. She was looked after while we were gone and immediately decided to use my back as a chair upon return (see pic above)

And now I see Trump is pushing a trade war against our allies. Oh good. That will work out well.