Friday Cat Blogging

It has been a minute since I last did one of these things. Lola is doing well. She’s by far the most unathletic cat I’ve ever had so she’s lucky that the only thing she needs to hunt is her cat bowl.

She’s very sweet though.

A Very Sad Guest Cat Blogging

Sad news from Ted:

Was hoping my bud Walter could make it on the guest blog on Friday. He passed away last night and this seemed a fitting last tribute. He was easily the best cat I’ve ever encountered and I just so happened to live with him.
He was a large, friendly lap cat with a passion for hunting critters in the forest and digging up moles in the yard. The neighbors, his orange brother Big John Squanch and I will miss him dearly.

It has been almost 3 years now since Cynikitty died. I still miss the little furball and sometimes even get choked up. The only comforting thought though was that I was able to provide a warm and wonderful home for him for his decade of life. And from the pics, I’m sure Walter had a wonderful life also.