42 Lomasney Way

Also known as Boston’s last tenement:

42 Lomasney Way is a tenement brownstone located in Boston’s West End. Built in the 1870s, the building has been called The Last Tenement, as it is the only building that was not demolished during the West End’s redevelopment phase or subsequent construction periods.

Following the redevelopment of the West End, the building was occupied for some time by an associate of the Angiulo Brothers, which was a leading gang in the North End until the Winter Hill Gang decided to run rackets in the area.[3][5][6] Since then, the building has been purchased and redeveloped by a private owner.[3] The City of Boston estimates the property’s value at roughly $700,000 as of 2015.[7] The building has been compared to the 2009 film Up due to similarities between the house in the film and the building.[6]

The Boston Marathon Bombers’ Hostage’s Account of His Night Being Carjacked by the Brothers

Dun Meng’s account of him being held hostage before escaping is just simply riveting:

If Dun Meng wasn’t so dang responsible, he would have never fallen into the clutches of the Tsarnaev brothers, four days after they bombed the Boston Marathon finish line.

But if he wasn’t so resourceful, the brothers would have gone on to do worse.

He had had a long day at the office, so he climbed into his Mercedes-Benz ML350 SUV and drove along the Charles River to relax. He had turned left, over the BU Bridge, into Boston, and headed onto Brighton Avenue when a friend texted him.

Rather than do what just about everybody else would do — text while driving — 28-year-old Dun Meng pulled over.

“I’m a transportation engineer, so I feel it’s unsafe,” Dun Meng replied.

Almost as soon as he pulled over, a green sedan stopped right behind him. He thought it was odd how fast it showed up.

A guy got out of the passenger side and approached Dun Meng’s passenger side. Dun Meng figured he wanted directions, so he rolled down the window.

It was Tamerlan Tsarnaev, just minutes after he had assassinated MIT Police Officer Sean Collier. He reached in through the window, opened the door and jumped right in the passenger seat.

“He pointed the gun to me,” Dun Meng said. “Right to my head.”

This link from LiveLeak has the video of his escape and the 911 call made after it.

Weekend Storm May Break Boston Record

Why not? We’ve come too far to be second best.

Models show the system bringing 3 to 6 inches across the region, but that may be enough to topple the snowfall total record for Boston.

“I know you don’t want to hear about it, but it’s only 3 to 6 inches of snow for us. That’s pretty much a dusting this year,” StormTeam 5’s meteorologist Mike Wankum said.

Currently, Boston’s 2014-15 snow total sits at 102 inches — just 5.6 inches shy of the current record set in 1995-96 of 107.6 inches.

Boston Bike Path Blocked by Wall of Snow – So Cyclists Tunnel Through It

From road.cc:

What do you do if you find your usual bike commuting route blocked by a wall of snow as a result of a huge wall of snow cleared from a nearby car park? Well, a group of cyclists from Boston, Massachusetts, took matters – and shovels – into their own hands and carved a tunnel through out.

Nicknamed Big Dig II, a reference to the city’s $20 billion road tunnel finished in 2007, the improvised tunnel sits on the Wellington Greenway beside the Malden and Mystic rivers and links Boston’s inner harbour to Medford.

Ari Goldberger told BDCwire.com: “One night I’m coming home and suddenly there’s this huge mountain of snow in the way. So I carried my bike over it and took a picture with the bike in front for comparison.”

He went to a nearby station operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) to complain, but was referred to the operators of the parking lot. They in turn said removal of the snow was the MBTA’s responsibility.

“Rather than waiting on hold for a million years calling the MBTA, I posted the picture online and said, ‘If nothing is done about this, it’s going to take months to melt.’”

His friend, Shadron Davis, said tongue-in-cheek they should Get some friends together and tunnel through it,” but on reflection she decided it was a good idea.

Video footage of the Wellington T-Stop snow-tunnel! / cc @OnlyinBos, @universalhub

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