Well, I Guess Anti-Vaxxers Would Be Against Rabies Vaccinations

Holy shit, this question from r/legaladvice:

My daughter was bit by a raccoon with rabies. My wife does not want to give our daughter the rabies series because its a vaccine. I am taking her tonight to a hospital against my wifes wishes in secret.
My daughter was playing with a wild raccoon last night and got bit. I killed a raccoon in the area foaming at the mouth. Not sure if its the same one but refuse to take the chance.

My wife vehemently refused the rabies series because its a vaccine. I am in panic mode and I am taking her to a hospital over 50 miles away near Dallas.

Can I kidnap my own daughter? There is not a custody agreement in place because we are married and not separated. Probably will be soon though.

I need to know what to watch out for here and what to say to police if I get stopped. Rabies is fatal so I am not playing with this one.

I am leaving here in 10 minutes so just need to know a few things.

Is it kidnapping in this case?

Will I be arrested?

What do I do if she calls in an amber alert?

I am desperate.

I always assumed that they were crazy about infant vaccinations and didn’t even consider it being extended to preventing their children from receiving a rabies treatment if bitten by a potentially rabid animal. There’s no bottom to his insanity.

Oh, That’s Why Idiots are Burning Their Sneakers

I’ve had a wonderful little mostly stay-cation. I did go to Burlington Vermont for a bit, kayaked on Cape Cod, and generally just avoided most of the news. So I was a bit confused when I went on Twitter last night and saw this:

I knew it was a conservative protest because it takes a certain kind of stupid to think that destroying merchandise you already paid for is a boycott. But they are upset because:

So to sum up. They are protesting because Nike chose Colin Kaepernick as the face of their new ad campaign who has been blacklisted by the NFL because he protested. I need a vacation.

A Woman Tried to Board a Plane with her Emotional Support Peacock.

One of the worst parts about flying is that you’re trapped in a metal tube at 30,000 feet with people stupid enough to think they can bring their peacock on board:

K-9s, felines .?.?. and peacocks.

Airlines that have begun talking about tightening restrictions on a proliferating array of “emotional support” animals on commercial flights may have found their case bolstered this week after a picture of a peacock that was reportedly denied a seat aboard a United Airlines flight traveled far and wide.

The Jet Set, a travel-focused television show based in Washington, posted the photo on Facebook of the resplendent blue-and-green bird, saying that the “emotional support peacock” had been denied boarding on a flight at Newark International Airport.

United Airlines confirmed that the exotic animal was barred from the plane Saturday because it “did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons, including its weight and size.”

Republican Conspiracy Charts

The GOP has gone full Glenn Beck:

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) has a reputation as one of the more colorful members of Congress. But he outdid himself Tuesday afternoon, putting together an essentially incoherent chart connecting various conspiracy theories about the Obama administration and holding it up during a congressional hearing with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The intent of the chart is to say that the Justice Department discredited itself during the Obama years and is somehow connected to the Uranium One scandal dominating conservative media. Special counsel Robert Mueller was one of President Obama’s two FBI directors (Jim Comey, later fired by President Trump, was the other). It allegedly illustrates connections between the DOJ under Obama and various alleged scandals (e.g., “Benghazi.”)

Not to be outdone, a caffeine deprived Sean Hannity decides to have a go at it himself:

Hillary seems to have to go through a lot of channels to have a chat with her husband.

Pizza Flavored Ice Cream


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Can I judge this without tasting it?

Little Baby’s Pizza ice cream contains crushed tomatoes, crushed red pepper, oregano, raw garlic paste, basil and salt, Circa reported.

The taste is surprisingly subtle and smooth, Circa’s Shaun Mir said. Some even grab a hot slice nearby and eat it à la mode,

Gunman Attacks D.C. Pizzeria, Wanted to Investigate Election Conspiracy

I hadn’t heard of the whole #PizzaGate thing but probably because I spend most of my time on planet earth:

On Sunday, a 28-year-old man from Salisbury, North Carolina, fired shots inside a pizzeria in northwest Washington, D.C. Armed with an assault rifle, he later told police he wanted to “self-investigate” a fraudulent election conspiracy theory connected to Hillary Clinton.

According to the Washington Post, Edgar Maddison Welch walked into Comet Ping Pong, a favorite among locals, and aimed at an employee. After the employee dashed off to call the police, Welch began shooting. Reports indicate, however, that all patrons were able to flee and no one was injured.

The incident, while terrifying, was brief. Police arrived on the scene minutes after receiving the call, and Welch was arrested in less than an hour. Upon investigation, officers located two firearms inside the restaurant and one in Welch’s car.

During the election cycle, Comet Ping Pong found itself ensconced in one of the conspiracy theories that ran rampant over the course of the presidential campaign. The owner, its employees, and surrounding businesses have been harassed by social media attacks and even death threats as a result.

Snopes has an in-depth look at the #PizzaGate conspiracy theory.