RIP Stephen Hawking

From The Guardian’s obituary (which is really good):

Those who live in the shadow of death are often those who live most. For Hawking, the early diagnosis of his terminal disease, and witnessing the death from leukaemia of a boy he knew in hospital, ignited a fresh sense of purpose. “Although there was a cloud hanging over my future, I found, to my surprise, that I was enjoying life in the present more than before. I began to make progress with my research,” he once said. Embarking on his career in earnest, he declared: “My goal is simple. It is a complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is and why it exists at all.”

He began to use crutches in the 1960s, but long fought the use of a wheelchair. When he finally relented, he became notorious for his wild driving along the streets of Cambridge, not to mention the intentional running over of students’ toes and the occasional spin on the dance floor at college parties.
The life of Stephen Hawking – in pictures

Hawking’s first major breakthrough came in 1970, when he and Roger Penrose applied the mathematics of black holes to the universe and showed that a singularity, a region of infinite curvature in spacetime, lay in our distant past: the point from which came the big bang.

New C.I.A. Deputy Director, Gina Haspel, Had Leading Role in Torture

From the NY Times:

Ms. Haspel, who has spent most of her career undercover, would certainly fall within Mr. Pompeo’s description. She played a direct role in the C.I.A.’s “extraordinary rendition program,” under which captured militants were handed to foreign governments and held at secret facilities, where they were tortured by agency personnel.

There’s Always a Tweet. Always.

Tillerson Fired

His days were numbered since he called Trump a fucking moron. But I guess he found out about this from Trump’s tweet?

And he’s not the only one fired today:

It’s just 10AM!

‘Nother Nor’easter Coming

Third Nor’easter in as many weeks. And at the moment it’s looking like we’re about to get 2 feet of snow dumped on us. And Mrs. C is stuck in another state. (Her flight home tomorrow is canceled. So I did the only thing I could think of that made sense. Shakshuka!!

Mrs. C isn’t a fan because she hates egg yolks. Which kind of makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with her but to each their own. On the plus side, when she’s out of town, it’s Shakshuka time!

(Only eggs on one side because I’ll reheat it tomorrow and add fresh eggs to cook then…. If I have power at least.)

Stay safe people.