President Impeach and the Capitol Insurrection Fallout – What I Learned Today – Monday, January 11

Trump is going to go down as the first president in history to be impeached twice.  And he managed to do it within just one term.  And to think that he has done much more impeachable acts that Congress just didn’t bother to follow up on:

A message from Arnold:

I feel like Trump will be more pissed about this than being impeached twice:

So it turns out that the people who stormed the Capitol were overwhelmingly Trump supporters. Who would have guessed that?

Melania has put out a statement about the coup and after giving condolences to the insurrectionists, then also gives her condolence for the Capitiol officer who was killed and then immediately casts herself as the victim:

During the riot, Melania was busy doing a photoshoot with rugs and declined to put out a statement about what was happening. Getting the lighting right on the rugs was the priority.

Parler (I downloaded it the other night in case Trump popped up on there and it is a terrible platform.  It is clunky, not very intuitive, and I’m not going to even discuss the content) has lost their hosting and is currently offline:



What I Learned Today – Friday, January 8

Still super busy and this week really doesn’t want to end. Just a few things that have happened over the last few hours:




Good, we didn’t want you there anyway:

Not good!  Death rate passed 4,000 for the first time:

Trump’s admin is certainly ending with the country in tatters.  Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to elect a game show host as president.

Let’s end the week on a good busking performance:

What I Learned Today – Wednesday, January 7

I’m a bit busy today since I wasn’t very productive yesterday.  I’m going to assume that I wasn’t the only one. I’ll try to update this post as I can today.

Biden’s Presidency has now been confirmed by Congress.

Facebook has suspended Trump’s account indefinitely:

Rudy tried getting Trumpian Tuberville to slow down yesterday’s electoral vote counting but got the number wrong and left the message on a different Senator’s voicemail who promptly made it public:

Rats, ships, you get the idea:

We are just about at 4,000 daily deaths due to Covid in the US now:

For anybody who is hoping that Congress will do something to stop Trump’s insurrections:


Trump Cultists Storm the Capitol

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – What I Learned Today – Wednesday, January 6

Lindsey’s moment of clarity he had back in 2016 before he decided (or was blackmailed) to be Trump’s full body masseuse has turned out to be quite prophetic.  Trump went into office with the GOP controlling the House and Senate and now they have lost the Presidency, House, and Senate (Senate is a bit more complex because it will be a 50/50 tie, but with a Democratic VP, Mitch McConnell finds himself as Minority Leader, which sounds so good I need to repeat it.  Minority Leader Mitch McConnell).  Ossoff has not officially won yet but it’s looking really good right now. This is a pretty big blow for the GOP who thought the path to victory was lining up behind an absolute lunatic.

And it may have been enough, except Stacey Abrams did such an amazing job at raising enthusiasm and voter turnout that enough can’t be said about how she has carried that state for the Dems since her loss to Kemp in the Governor’s race in 2018.





And let the blame game begin:

Today is the day that Congress counts the votes and makes Biden’s win official. Of course, Trump thinks that Pence is going to just light a match and burn any votes that would give Biden the win:

To be clear, this is not a thing. Pence has no power to just toss votes. Pence is opening up envelopes and handing them to be counted to the bipartison counters.  It’s a no win situation for Pence because Trump and the MAGAts are going to turn on him in a big way.

This cake looks amazing, and ridiculous to make. But still worth posting: