I just finished Woodward’s Fear last night. I was lucky and was one of the first people in my library to get a copy (the Boston library had over 100 kindle licenses but there were still quite a people in the holds queue) because I really don’t want to spend any money reading about Trump at this point. Every day we’re assaulted with news stories or tweets about him and I have just about reached my limit.

The book itself is well written and researched. The only complaint I have with it, which is kind of a big complaint, is that there’s really not too much in it that’s new or shocking that hasn’t been reported during the pre-release press blitz. Everything else just felt like a retread of stuff we already had heard about in Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury. Trump is a spoiled, self-deluded, racist, pig-headed, misogynistic, lying narcissist who cares nothing about running the country and eschews his daily intelligence briefs to watch Fox News and the other news stations to watch what they have to say about him.

One of the parts of the book that amazed me is how compressed time seems to be around Trump. He is a singularity of stupidity and chaos that warps the space-time continuum. Almost all of the staff and cabinet members in the book are long since departed in a year’s time. Gary Cohn and Rob Porter both have fairly big sections where they come off as the reasonable people who moderated some of Trump’s worst impulses (and Porter is the one who resigned after it made the news that he had allegedly beaten two of his ex-wives!). All administrations have turnovers but Trump’s is just head-spinning. A common joke on Twitter these days is what a year last week was. And it really does feel like Trump packs enough scandals, bad decisions and tantrums in each week then most Presidents have done in their entire lifetimes. It’s exhausting.

So if you’re into self-torture, do by all means give this one a read. I would have enjoyed it more if Trump’s reign was a smoking dumpster in the rearview mirror and not our current nightmare that we haven’t woken up from yet.

Well, I Guess Anti-Vaxxers Would Be Against Rabies Vaccinations

Holy shit, this question from r/legaladvice:

My daughter was bit by a raccoon with rabies. My wife does not want to give our daughter the rabies series because its a vaccine. I am taking her tonight to a hospital against my wifes wishes in secret.
My daughter was playing with a wild raccoon last night and got bit. I killed a raccoon in the area foaming at the mouth. Not sure if its the same one but refuse to take the chance.

My wife vehemently refused the rabies series because its a vaccine. I am in panic mode and I am taking her to a hospital over 50 miles away near Dallas.

Can I kidnap my own daughter? There is not a custody agreement in place because we are married and not separated. Probably will be soon though.

I need to know what to watch out for here and what to say to police if I get stopped. Rabies is fatal so I am not playing with this one.

I am leaving here in 10 minutes so just need to know a few things.

Is it kidnapping in this case?

Will I be arrested?

What do I do if she calls in an amber alert?

I am desperate.

I always assumed that they were crazy about infant vaccinations and didn’t even consider it being extended to preventing their children from receiving a rabies treatment if bitten by a potentially rabid animal. There’s no bottom to his insanity.