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In Paris

And absolutely exhausted.  Gonna try to limit my nap to 3 hours so that we can have a full night’s sleep and get on local time. The bitch of that strategy is having to actually rouse yourself out of the nap.  I would write something in French to end this post but at the moment […]

Be Back in June

I’m off to France. Won’t be back until the first week of June so I definitely won’t be blogging. May post a few pics on facebook though. But if you get too bored, I give you the game of Twenty. That should tide you over for a few weeks. À plus tard!

Mom Reenacts How Her Child Came Out Of The Closet

Close Call

Photo of the Day

(via Christian Nightmares)

U2’s The Edge falls off the stage

I’ll just put this here.

What Masterpieces of Art History Would Look Like Censored by a Local News Station

Well played Slate.

Well, Yes! It’s true that I wouldn’t risk my life for a straw man

Not sure where this is from but behold!

The Daily Show – Dad Bods

Christian Radio Host Blames Gays for California Drought

From Raw Story: A Christian broadcaster who specializes in “end times” predictions claimed that the drought that California is currently suffering through is the result of God withholding rain from the state to punish it for abortion, homosexuality, and witchcraft, according to Right Wing Watch. On his TruNews broadcast, host Rick Wiles called California “the […]

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