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Have a Safe Holiday

I’m taking a few days off from the web for the holiday so I hope everybody has a safe and wonderful weekend. Also, since we do love to talk about books here, I’m about 150 pages into this book which at this stage may be one of the best books I have read all year: […]

Crazy Christian Woman Loses It Over Gay Marriage

The closer a person is to religion, the further they are from reality.

Stephen Colbert Hosts Cable Access Show in Monroe Michigan

Serta to Stop Selling Trump Brand Mattresses

I had two reactions to this. First, laughter. Second, wait, Trump sold mattresses? On Thursday Serta became the latest company to announce it was ending its business relationship with celebrity plutocrat Donald Trump following his remarks on Mexican immigrants. “Serta values diversity and does not agree with nor endorse the recent statements made by Mr. […]

Bobby Jindal says Louisiana government won’t recognize same-sex marriages for now

From Gov. Bobby Jindal delayed — for the second time — the recognition of same-sex marriage by the Louisiana state government on Wednesday evening. The governor refused to let Louisiana agencies acknowledge same-sex marriage following a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last Friday. At the time, he said he was waiting for a lower appeals […]

Investigators Probe Fires At 6 Black Churches In 5 Southern States

From NPR: Investigators continue their examination of a fire at the Glover Grove Baptist Church of Warrenville, S.C. Fires damaged Glover Grove and some other black churches in the days following nine shooting deaths at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, raising concerns that the incidents were hate-inspired arsons.

Gay Marriage Opponents Act Like an Oppressed Minority in Catholic Group’s Ad

From AdWeek: About halfway through this two-and-a-half-minute film from conservative nonprofit the Catholic Vote, its treacly, overlystylized message becomes clear. These Catholics are nervous about revealing their stance on same-sex marriage because they’re (spoiler alert!) against it. That stance is nothing new. And everyone is entitled to their opinion, as long as it doesn’t lead […]

Macy’s Dumps Trump

Shitty candidate, shittier businessman: Macy’s is pulling Donald Trump brand merchandise from its stores after the Republican presidential candidate’s recent controversial remarks created a public uproar. The department store has come under intense pressure to cut ties with the real estate magnate and businessman after he referred to immigrants from Mexico and other countries “killers […]

East Tennessee Hardware Store Puts Up ‘No Gays Allowed’ Sign

He says gays are against his religion. Does that mean he’ll exclude people of other religious faiths (or no faith at all), or people with tattoos? GRAINGER COUNTY, Tenn. — An East Tennessee store owner is using what some call a controversial sign to express his beliefs following the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage. […]

Conservative Media Argue Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Creates Constitutional Right To Carry A Gun In Public

Of course. It’s all so logical. At least in Wingnutlandia: Conservative media used the Supreme Court decision affirming that marriage is a fundamental right of all Americans to argue that the Constitution also requires states to recognize concealed carry permits issued by other states. But the Supreme Court has never held that carrying a gun […]

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