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Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz Makes Bacon Using Machine Gun

The Guardian’s The Counted: People Killed by Police in the US

A sobering site that you can sort the deaths by state, race, etc. 669 killed by police so far this year.

Musicless Musicvideo / LIONEL RICHIE – Hello

Medford Detective Threatens to Kill Civilian

The police in this country are completely out of control. Not because there are bad cops, but because the bad cops are being protected by every cop. Which makes the entire system bad. The footage, captured by the dashboard camera on a motorist’s vehicle, begins shortly after the driver got confused at a roundabout in […]

Quebec Question

I may be going to Quebec in a few weeks. What’s a good restaurant in Quebec City?

Jerusalem Gay Pride: Six stabbed ‘by ultra-Orthodox Jew’

From BBC News: Police have arrested a man after six people were wounded in a stabbing at the Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem. A police spokesperson identified the suspect as the same man who stabbed three people at the parade in 2005. Yishai Schlissel, an ultra-Orthodox Jew, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for […]

New Hampshire Focus Group Fawns Over Trump

I forgot that there are actually people who support Trump unironically. At least 12 voters in the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire are absolutely gaga over real estate mogul Donald Trump. Bloomberg Politics’ John Heilemann sat down Wednesday night with a focus group of 12 Trump supporters in the Granite State who riffed on […]

Why Two Men Are Walking Every Block in New York City

New York City has over 6,000 miles of streets across five boroughs. William Helmreich and Matt Green plan to walk every last block. Though they are doing the same thing, Helmreich and Green have vastly different approaches and reasons for embarking on the journey. In this video, the two men meet for the first time […]

The Antiquated Technology that Runs the MTA

Dog Dives off Cliff in Malta

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