What I Learned Today – Friday, August 14

It’s been Friday for me since Wednesday. And every Saturday has felt like a Sunday since late May. I don’t know what any of this means anymore. But let’s take a peek to see what’s going on out there.

Georgia is reporting its highest death toll to date with 136 deaths yesterday. Meanwhile, their governor is issuing an executive order to prevent cities and counties from issuing mask mandates. Imagine being this stupid and still getting elected to lead a state.

Trump has a new coronavirus adviser who actually is a doctor… of medicine even!  Well, he’s a radiologist who has a lot of experience giving bad predictions about the pandemic on Fox News. So, yeah, always the best people.

This graph though… My god:

Trump has called mail-in ballots a fraud, how it is dangerous for the country because people cheat, that mail-in allots are the worst thing that could ever happen to our country.  And he just requested a mail-in ballot for himself and Melania.

Trump goes full birther on Kamala.  [Shocked emoticon]

The Huffington Post White House correspondent asked the most honest question to Trump to date. Trump ignores it and moves on to some other reporter who misses a brave opportunity to ask the same question and instead asks about payroll taxes. And you know if a woman had asked Trump that same question he would have called the question “nasty” before skulking away from the podium.  YOU KNOW THIS!

And it’s always good back to hear the Prophet Carlin tell it like it is:


What I Learned Today – Thursday, August 13

I’m taking the rest of the week off from work. I haven’t taken any days off since I started working from home back in March.  Mostly because since I’m not going anywhere, I might as well  work. It helps that my commute went from over an hour to 8 seconds. I’m planning on spending my free time venturing out and getting curbside takeout while I continue building CynicalLand in Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. Living my best life.

We’re doing a lot less covid testing. The upside of this is that the lab turnarounds for results are faster. The bad news is that we are still doing so poorly with cases and the majority of states never got this under control. The recommendations of all experts who aren’t into demon semen have advocated for are testing and contact tracing to prevent the spread (along with social distancing, and the use of masks while indoors). I’m convinced that a lot of states aren’t slowing down testing for faster results but to hide the infection numbers.

1,485 Americans lost their lives to covid-19 yesterday. Maybe if the coronavirus learned to fly and flew into a skyscraper we would pretend to give a shit again.

Dining inside and bars seem to be where a lot of the spread happens. I love going out to eat. I love bars. I don’t think I’ll be inside another one for a long time.

The official covid death count is almost at 170,000 deaths. But it’s looking like the true death count is much higher, topping 200,000 deaths.

Trump admits that he is sabotaging the USPS because he doesn’t want people to vote by mail.

He just blurts the quiet part out loud every single time. And why not? Even when he admits to actual crimes, republicans shrug it off and keep pushing ultra conservative judges on us.

Trump’s executive orders giving relief to the unemployed is as good as his word usually is. All show, zero substance.

On Tuesday, when Biden announced Kamala as his VP, I asked how long it would be before the conservatives start asking about her birth certificate. The answer is, less than 24 hours.

So if we take a peek at the How to Run Against a Person of Color for Dummies book, we see the next step is to start calling her very angry.  Such an angry black woman. Then find something to tie her to the black panthers, accuse her of wanting to kill whitey, and then start posting overtly racist images and baby, you got yourself a stew going!

Governor DeSantis is still the stupidest of Florida man. And that’s a fierce competition!

Holy Crap!  Sarah Cooper has her own Netflix special now!


What I Learned Today – Wednesday, August 12

I’m on my third day using my new standing desk.  How do I like it so far? How kind of you to ask. I’m loving it so far. I’ve spent about half of each day standing at it while working and then standing at it some more as I reached back into the video game archives and found Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 which I haven’t played since the 90s I think. I forgot how hypnotic that game can be. Anyway, it feels better than sitting on my ass all day and I haven’t pushed it off of my desk yet so thumbs up for my standing desk.  So far…

More than 40 members of a family test positive after attending a funeral.

Florida broke another record for coronavirus deaths.  277 yesterday. Their daily infected numbers are down which would be good if you didn’t dig into the data and see that they are just doing far less testing.  They still have a 17% positive rate.  Massachusetts, by comparison, is about 1.9%.

Trump has given up looking at virtually all of his daily intelligence briefings. What’s surprising to me is that they were still going on with the charade that he had the attention span to still even glance at them, or at least have them acted out with puppets made out of dollar bills. We have a president flying completely blind right now and that just scares me to the core.

Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar beat her primary competitor last night. The media kept wanting to go with stories that Omar and the rest of “the squad” may have just been a flash in the pan, but Omar’s win coupled with Rashida Tlaib’s win last week says otherwise. Honestly, the Democratic party is constantly being pulled more and more to the right so it’s nice to have some counterbalance.

The racist attacks on Kamala from the right have already begun.  This first phase is to push that she’s “not really black” which was how they started with Obama back in 2008. By September they’ll be accusing her of being a key member of the Black Panthers and how she has dedicated her life to going after whitey, especially to take away their guns.

I literally wrote that last sentence right before seeing this:

Watching GOP candidates win primaries now is like re-watching Idiocracy:

Speaking of Idiocracy:

Kamala Harris has really good taste in books.

And holy crap, Sarah Cooper guest hosted Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night!


Let me preface this by saying that I don’t think there is a person that Biden could have chosen that would have made me reconsider not voting for him on November 3rd. Trump is the worst president of my lifetime, and most likely the worst president in the history of this country. Getting him out of office is paramount. That leaves one option; voting for Joe Biden.

Kamala Harris was one of my early favorites for president. Elizabeth Warren was my top pick and by the time the primary came to Massachusetts, Kamala had already dropped out of the race (and my vote for Warren got her to third place in her own state. How did that happen?) So needless to say, I’m quite pleased that Harris is back on the ticket. She’s a strong pick for VP. I haven’t seen her debate but I have seen her grill quite a few people in Senate committee hearings. She is tenacious and concise in her questions (tools she undoubtedly honed as a former prosecutor) and seeing her face off against the slow-witted misogynist Mike Pence will be a popcorn night for sure.

Harris being the VP, which really wasn’t unexpected, sent Trump’s campaign scurrying for some sort of angle to attack her and coming up fairly empty for the time being. Trump resorted to calling her a nasty woman, which is his default adjective for any woman whom he is threatened by. I’m guessing that Trump’s team was gearing up for Susan Rice to be selected which they could then have unloaded their usual anti-Clinton/Benghazi tropes on but now they may have to send Jared to Wikipedia to try to come up with a new line of attack for Harris.

There are avenues for criticism, such as her stint as an Attorney General for CA, although since the GOP loves to be tough on crime, I’m not sure if they’ll want to go there. That’s a bit too nuanced for today’s Republican party anyway so I expect their main attack will be on her ethnicity and gender as Trump starts questioning her parents’ immigration status. Will he start asking about her birth certificate? You know, the classics. Whatever you think is the low point that Trump will sink, he’ll find a way to tunnel under it.

I’m just glad that Biden made a choice that seems to be adding enthusiasm to his campaign.



What I Learned Today – Tuesday, August 11

I woke up around 6:30am and thought I would get a head start on peeking on the net to see what’s happening.  And my wifi was slow so thought I would reboot my routers. And then couldn’t get internet back on for an hour.  Now I’m just annoyed. Also, it’s 9am and already my home is like a sauna.

Ron DeSantis continues to be the worst person in the world.  When asked about sending students back into covid-infested classrooms, his response is “nothing is risk-free in life.” Meanwhile, the cases of covid with children have increased 137% in the past month.

College football is probably cancelled but Trump is insisting that they do have a season so he can gloat about how EVERYTHING IS NORMAL AND IT MAGICALLY WENT AWAY as people continue to get infected and die or have complications which may be life long. Why anybody would listen to him at this point is just so beyond me.

Neck gaiters (I wasn’t sure what that was either, picture below) may actually help spread droplets and the coronavirus.  So just wear a regular damn mask.  And not one with a vent.

Biden is going to be announcing his VP pick sometime this week. Speculation is that the name will be leaked sometime today and the official word will come on Wednesday or Thursday. I will be waiting to hear who is running mate is before I decide on who I will vote on this November.  (LOL KIDDING.  Do you think there is anybody he could possibly pick who would make me NOT vote for the only candidate who has a chance against Trump? He could pick a 4 day old egg salad sandwich and I still would think that the sandwich would run the country better than Trump.  This isn’t even up for debate)

This guy has played a video game or two: