Anti-vaccine groups push people to leave ICUs

Ok. And the term you’re looking for is “death cult”:

Anti-vaccine Facebook groups have a new message for their community members: Don’t go to the emergency room, and get your loved ones out of intensive care units.

Consumed by conspiracy theories claiming that doctors are preventing unvaccinated patients from receiving miracle cures or are even killing them on purpose, some people in anti-vaccine and pro-ivermectin Facebook groups are telling those with Covid-19 to stay away from hospitals and instead try increasingly dangerous at-home treatments, according to posts seen by NBC News over the past few weeks.

The messages represent an escalation in the mistrust of medical professionals in groups that have sprung up in recent months on social media platforms, which have tried to crack down on Covid misinformation. And it’s something that some doctors say they’re seeing manifest in their hospitals as they have filled up because of the most recent delta variant wave.

Biden Wins Arizona….. Again.

You really have to hand it to Trump. It’s one thing to lose an election. It’s another thing to lose the same election over and over again on almost a weekly basis. I’m sure that he will now admit that he is completely wrong and that he did indeed lose the 2020 election: