Rabid Anti-Vaxx Lawyer Representing 17 Capitol Insurrectionists Hospitalized with Covid

This is just so on brand:

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department warned judges Monday that at least 17 Capitol riot defendants may be “effectively without counsel” after the prominent right-wing attorney who represents them was reportedly hospitalized in potentially serious condition.

In a filing Monday, the DOJ said attorney John Pierce, of the California-based firm Pierce Bainbridge, had been out of contact and had missed multiple court hearings since August 23. An associate, Ryan Marshall, who has been appearing in Pierce’s place told a judge last week he believed Pierce was “ill with COVID-19, on a ventilator, and unresponsive,” according to the DOJ. The agency notes another of Pierce’s associates allegedly told NPR he was not on a ventilator, however, and claimed he was suffering from dehydration and exhaustion.