Deputies break up physical fights at Lee Schools HQ after mask mandate announcement

LEE COUNTY, Fla. – The Lee County School District will now require masks for teachers and students, eliminating the opt-out form.

The school superintendent made the announcement Monday. The new COVID-19 protocol will go into effect for 30 days and will start on Sept. 1.

School officials said if students or staff don’t wear masks, they will follow the same process used last year as well as provide options for families if this is an ongoing issue. There could be disciplinary actions depending on the situation. Employees will have progressive discipline that will be addressed if they don’t follow the mandate.

There will be a medical opt-out for the mask mandate, Lee school officials confirmed. A letter on this is expected to go out to parents Tuesday after more discussion.

Physical fights were seen being broken up outside of the district’s headquarters after the mask mandate was announced.

Top YouTube comment: “Imagine being this irate about masks, but not school shootings.”