Today in the GOP’s Death Cult

Conservative Radio Host Who Mocked Vaccines Dies of COVID-19:

A conservative radio host in Nashville who derided vaccines and spread misinformation about the coronavirus has died of COVID-19. Phil Valentine was 61.

Though Valentine downplayed the efficacy of vaccines and even went so far as to record a parody song mocking them, he reversed his opinion while in the hospital, advising his family members to get the jab.

Maine Lawmaker Whose Wife Just Died of COVID Joins Anti-Vax Rally

A Republican legislator in Maine who lost his wife to COVID-19 last week appeared at a rally on Tuesday that featured a GOP colleague who compared the state’s Democratic governor to a Nazi doctor who performed deadly experiments on Jews during the Holocaust.

State Rep. Chris Johansen, who emerged in the early days of the pandemic as a fierce opponent of public health-related restrictions, joined a group of lawmakers at the event in Augusta. State Rep. Heidi Sampson delivered a speech to the crowd that baselessly accused Gov. Janet Mills, who has introduced a vaccine mandate for health-care workers, of operating a government campaign to test “experimental” vaccines on unknowing citizens.

Trump booed at rally by cultists when he finally recommends getting vaccinated:

Anti-Mask “Freedom Rally” co-organizer Caleb Wallace hospitalized and intubated.

Here’s the news about the “freedom rally” that he organized to protest covid mitigation policies last year and was actively spreading misinformation and trying to stop all covid policies.

Trumpist Cult Member Senate Candidate Proud that Waitress Came to Work Sick

Everything about this is just so out there:

What a system we have that this waitress who probably had no choice but to show up to work, while sick in the middle of a pandemic while a MAGAt senatorial candidate boasts about it on Twitter, leading all hell to break loose. Trump cultist blames the “woke mob”. What a country!