SC Tea Party Leader and Anti-Vaxxer is on Ventilator now from Covid-19

From RawStory:

Pressley Stutts, a Greenville County Republican Party leader, announced Friday that he was going on a ventilator after his oxygen levels dropped precipitously, and he asked for prayers as he battled for his life against the potentially deadly virus, reported FITSNews.

“Listen to me please: I am making a decision to go on a ventilator,” Stutts posted on his Facebook account. “This is my OWN decision. I trust God to keep me. I ask you to trust Him, too. He IS ABLE, right?”

Neither Stutts nor his wife, who also became infected and was briefly hospitalized, were vaccinated against the coronavirus — and the recently elected South Carolina Republican Party executive committeeman quoted Thomas Jefferson in mid-May to justify his decision.

“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery,” Stutts posted on his Facebook page.