MAGAts Have Their Own Phone Now. The Freedom Phone

I’m trying to limit how much of the real estate of this blog deals with anything Trump related, but this one is just too good to not share. Introducing, the Freedom phone:

In case you don’t have the patience to see this Bitcoin millionaire discuss his, ahem, invention (it’s actually a chinese budget smartphone by Umidigi that retails for 179 bucks and runs a version of Android with NewsMax, OANN and Parler pre-installed to give it that extra Freedumby feeling), here’s what it looks like:

I suppose if you’re gonna shell out 500 bucks for a phone, you may want to check out the specs. According to the Freedom phone website, the specs are:
* 6 inch screen
* Great camera
* Does everything your current satan pedophile socialist phone does:

And this is too perfect:

XDA dissects the phone here.