COVID-19 outbreak reported among Galveston Co. church members after camp

If I were a religious person I guess I would just say that this was all a part of god’s plan. That’s how this works, right?

More than 125 adults and youth from a Galveston County church camp event have tested positive for COVID-19, the church said in a statement to its members.

“Unfortunately, upon return from camp, 125+ campers and adults reported to us that they tested positive for COVID-19,” church officials said in a statement. “Additionally, hundreds more were exposed to COVID-19 at camp. And hundreds of others were likely exposed when infected people returned home from camp. We seek to remain in contact with those impacted. If you, or someone in your family, begins to have symptoms, please seek medical attention immediately.”

Galveston County Health District officials said Friday they were investigating the outbreak at the five-day event that was attended by around 450 adults and children in sixth through 12th grades. The first case was reported to them on June 27.

Fauci: 99.2% of US COVID-19 deaths involved unvaccinated people

Finding it very difficult these days to muster up any sympathy for people who have had access to a vaccine but have just refused to get it.

WASHINGTON – America’s top infectious disease expert said about 99.2% of recent COVID-19 deaths in the United States involved unvaccinated people. “It’s really sad and tragic that most all of these are avoidable and preventable,” he added.

He told NBC’s “Meet the Press” it’s frustrating “where you have a formidable enemy” in the coronavirus and “yet we do have a countermeasure that’s highly, highly effective. And that’s the reason why it’s all the more sad and all the more tragic why it isn’t being completely implemented in this country.”

Congresswoman and QAnon Cultist Thinks the 4th of July Falling on a Sunday is a Sign from God

I try not to post too many of these because I care about you, dear reader, and would rather you not be concussed from the constant face palming:

Her speech, which was full of God references, started off curiously with a mention of Israel.

“There are two nations created for God’s glory – Israel and the United States of America,” Boebert said. “We stand strongly with Israel.”

She went on to say how she was thinking of the Founding Fathers that morning and how they “dared to go against the King of England. They had faith in God and each other,” she said.

“We will not back down until we have everything God has promised us,” Boebert said. “We are an army for everything that Jesus has purchased for us and our children, and our children’s children.

“It’s not a coincidence that Independence Day is on a Sunday this year.”

HS teens kicked off flight after airline alleges mask dispute with passengers on board

Is it really that difficult to cover your ugly faces for a few hours? I really, really don’t understand why people are finding this difficult to do. Especially inside tight quarters where everyone is breathing the same air, like in an aircraft cabin.

WINTHROP, MASS. (WHDH) – Some recent graduates from Winthrop High School are being blamed for a delay on a flight bound for the Bahamas after the airline says a group of people refused to wear masks.

What was supposed to be an end-of-the-year getaway for newly graduated seniors, quickly turned into a major stall at Charlotte Airport Monday.

In a statement, American Airlines wrote that passengers traveling from Charlotte to Nassau, Bahamas were noncompliant with the federal mask mandate and, “became disruptive to other customers and refused to follow crew member instructions while onboard. Per procedure, the customers involved were asked to exit the aircraft.”