Pranking a Scammer and Flowing Sheep: What I Learned Today – Monday, June 28

Right wing christian pastor accuses Democrats and Tom Hanks of pedophilia:

A couple of thoughts on this. I know this is your basic garden variety QAnon-cult think insanity, but I never quite understood why Tom Hanks gets sprinkled into this equation. And do all preachers spouting the good book of Q have to pace around the stage like they just snorted half a bottle of adderall and need to walk it off?

Some really good news this morning for the mRNA vaccines:

A fan with a sign caused a huge crash which took out most of the Tour de France riders:

The organizers are vowing to sue the signholder.

A news anchor pranks a scammer:

Time-lapse drone footage of sheep herding doesn’t sound very compelling but the video of it begs to differ.

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