Partisan Vaccines and a 600 Year Old Cello – What I Learned Today – Friday, June 11th

States that Biden won have the highest vaccination rates. This is quite the graph if you want to see how divided the US is currently:

I just can’t believe that a life saving vaccine is a political issue.

Businesses with worker shortages are finding that if you pay people more money, you actually get people who want to work for you.

The owners of Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor had hit a wall.

For months, the 98-year-old confectionary in Pittsburgh couldn’t find applicants for the open positions it needed to fill ahead of warmer weather and, hopefully, sunnier times for the business after a rough year.

The job posting for scoopers — $7.25 an hour plus tips — did not produce a single application between January and March.

So owner Jacob Hanchar decided to more than double the starting wage to $15 an hour, plus tips, “just to see what would happen.”

The shop was suddenly flooded with applications. More than 1,000 piled in over the course of a week.

The Amati “King” cello, made in the mid-16th century, is the oldest known cello in existence. And it’s beautiful:

And why yes, there is a sample of what it sounds like:

Speaking of cellos, Yo-Yo Ma answers some questions about cellos and cellists.