Larry Kudlow Warns that Biden Intends for Us to Drink Plant-Based Beer

These Trump-based idiots ran the US for four years. I will never get over that:

Shot Twice

On Friday I took a short ride to a Walgreens and got my 2nd covid-19 vaccination. (Team Pfizzle!) I didn’t have too many side effects after the first dose. Just a sore arm and a slight fatigue two days later. The sore arm lasted a few days. The second dose wasn’t as gentle. About 12 hours after being jabbed, my arm got very sore and the rest of my body started feeling those aches that I get before a bad cold. The entire Saturday I was pretty much useless. Just incredibly fatigued and sore. Saturday night, I woke up with a bit of a fever. I don’t know how high my temperature was because I was too tired to get out of bed and wrapped in my blankets like a cocoon. But I woke up this morning feeling back to normal. And with a pretty good resistance to Covid-19 for my loss of a Saturday.

I’ve been fairly fortunate over the past year. I’ve been able to work from home. Mrs. C. could take a leave of absence with unemployment insurance including the federal unemployment relief which meant that financially we were fairly unscathed. Especially since our spending on travel, restaurants, and other activities was pretty much nonexistent. We adhered to pretty much every social distance guideline possible. So what happens now that we have both been vaccinated?

Well, I have another 2 weeks before I reach maximum protection. But once I have reached it, I don’t intend to just start licking doorknobs quite yet. I’ll start returning to my office once or twice a week (I take mass transit so I will probably travel outside of rush hour). I still won’t eat inside restaurants but since we’re heading into fair weather territory, I’ll be fine with outdoor dining. I think it will be a summer of a lot of outdoor activities. I’m not quite ready for movie theaters, museums, or traveling yet. The infection rates are still too high and the variants are still too new for my taste. Your risk assessment may vary. But stories like this aren’t making me feel very well:

As a side note, thanks to everyone who has emailed me asking how I’ve been doing. Apologies for not updating the blog lately. I just haven’t had it in me the past few weeks. Maybe it’s pandemic fatigue tacked on to usual seasonal affective disorder. I’ll probably be posting more since I’m hoping that as my antibodies increase, so does my feeling of some sort of glimmer of hope.