The Hill We Climb and Q Falls Off a Cliff- What I Learned Today – Thursday, January 21

I watched most of the coverage of yesterday’s inauguration. I think a lot of us who were sick to our stomachs about everything that happened in the last four years needed some catharsis. I won’t rehash much of it here today but I did want to highlight Amanda Gorman’s amazing moment when she recited her poem, “The Hill We Climb”:

And if you want to know a little more about her, here are 10 quick tidbits.

Now, onto the business of putting actual adults in charge of the country.

Biden has already reversed several of Trump’s Executive Orders including the ones where Trump took us out of the Paris Accords, WHO, putting a stop to the silly border wall, and the xenophobic travel ban.

Biden will also be reversing the ban on trans people serving in the military:

The new administration certainly has a lot of pieces to put back together:

So remember when Trump and his merry band of liars would parade big binders around and claim that this was the plan, and SOME of us would just assume that they were nothing short of props with nothing in them but empty paper?  Well:

The sad people who followed the QAnon idiocy had a very bad day yesterday when they found out that, no, Donald Trump had not been working with them to uncover a satanic pedophile cannibalistic deep state cabal run by the Clintons and the Obamas in underground pizza caves:

But as noon arrived, and a grinning Biden placed his hand on a Bible to be sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, reality came crashing down.

“I can’t stop crying. Fuck. Why?” one person pleaded. “It’s over,” another conceded. Some wondered how they could possibly mend their broken relationships with the loved ones they’d pushed away over their obsessions with Q.

Like a flipped switch, the attitude inside online QAnon communities shifted from glee to shock and misery: “NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENED!!!”; “So now we have proof Q was total bullshit”; “I feel sick, disgusted and disappointed”; “Have we been duped???”; “You played us all”; “HOW COULD WE BELIEVE THIS FOR SO LONG? ARE WE ALL IDIOTS?”


Joe Exotic has jumped from the Trump train:

Netflix is adding a shuffle play button soon. Honestly, I love this idea even though I probably won’t ever use it considering how deep my list is already. But every streaming service should have it for those days you just want to give a chance to randomness.

Remember when…

It’s Been Four Long Years But We Can Exhale Now

He’s gone. He came into the White House as a terrible joke and is leaving as  the most vile, corrupt, ignorant, dishonest, impeached, lazy, incompetent pile of rotting remains of human flesh stuffed into an ill-fitted suit propped behind the resolute desk. After documenting as many of his travesties as I could stomach here on this blog over the last four years, I won’t rehash any now. But I will express my overwhelming sense of relief that I won’t have to wake up to any tweets or news alerts of him pressing his vileness onto the nation every single day. His narcissism was so toxic and his constant need for attention was suffocating.

Is he gone forever?  Nah, evil never dies. But he fucked himself over with his failed insurrection. The social media companies got spooked and dropped him like a moldy rotten wormy potato. Twitter was his weapon of choice and without access to that, he can’t channel his inner poisonous monologue. He’ll attempt other ways to make himself heard but without the amplification of the Oval Office, he’ll be much easier to be tuned out. As for Trumpism, I don’t think it will be as easily stamped out. The Republican party took a hard right at the Tea Party and has been devolving ever since. But that’s a worry for tomorrow.  Today, we breathe.


8 More Days and Scandinavian Crime Dramas – What I Learned Today – Tuesday, January 12

Eight more days to go before Trump is out of office. I’m so exhausted from the amount of attention he requires. Even in the waning days of his presidency, during a time when most presidents are preparing to leave, wrapping up their terms, he still needs to make everything about himself by sending his followers to murder his vice president and any Democrats they could find.  Not having to wonder what kind of disastrous fuck up your president has created every other day is going to be such a mental break. Not that I expect Trump to just slip off to a golf club and never be heard from again.  He’ll try to stir up shit. But without the power of being in the Oval Office, and without his Twitter megaphone, he won’t be as effective.

But he can still cause a lot of damage in the next week. Hopefully what happened at the Capitol has scared off most of his enablers. He has psychologically abused this country now for four years with his gaslighting and tantrums. Next Wednesday can’t come quick enough.

There’s really something about Trump’s personality that is adored by the worst fucking people in the world:

Susan Collins is really not that bright is she?

The Capitol insurrection also was an opportunity for the anti-maskers in the GOP to infect their colleagues:

Democratic Rep. Lou Correa is yelled at by members of Trump’s cult in Dulles airport.  Several of them are also not wearing masks:

I don’t know where to begin with this:

Every single Scandinavian crime drama:

Things fitting perfectly in other things is the oddly satisfying video of the year so far.


President Impeach and the Capitol Insurrection Fallout – What I Learned Today – Monday, January 11

Trump is going to go down as the first president in history to be impeached twice.  And he managed to do it within just one term.  And to think that he has done much more impeachable acts that Congress just didn’t bother to follow up on:

A message from Arnold:

I feel like Trump will be more pissed about this than being impeached twice:

So it turns out that the people who stormed the Capitol were overwhelmingly Trump supporters. Who would have guessed that?

Melania has put out a statement about the coup and after giving condolences to the insurrectionists, then also gives her condolence for the Capitiol officer who was killed and then immediately casts herself as the victim:

During the riot, Melania was busy doing a photoshoot with rugs and declined to put out a statement about what was happening. Getting the lighting right on the rugs was the priority.

Parler (I downloaded it the other night in case Trump popped up on there and it is a terrible platform.  It is clunky, not very intuitive, and I’m not going to even discuss the content) has lost their hosting and is currently offline: