Can’t Stop Laughing

Earlier this week, Rudy had some kind of silly hearing where he had some witnesses PROVING BEYOND DOUBT that there was voter fraud. Here is one of the star witnesses (who also has a crime record for some undisclosed computer crime)

Comedian Julie Birke does a remix:



Florida investigation finds governor misled public on Covid as cases rose

This guy needs to be impeached, charged, and jailed more than just about anybody whose name isn’t Trump.

Florida this week became the third US state to record a million coronavirus cases and yet the public there has been misled by state leadership about the extent and dangers of the pandemic, especially in the run-up to the presidential election, an investigation has concluded.

Governor Ron DeSantis’s administration has been engaged in a pattern of spin and concealment about Covid-19 amid the gravest health threat the state has ever faced, according to a South Florida Sun Sentinel investigation.