US reports more than 3,100 coronavirus deaths, shattering single-day record

This isn’t shocking at all given that there is no leadership from federal levels whatsoever and scattered responses on state and local levels with almost everyone bowing to peer pressure to keep indoor dining and other high risk activities open. And the spike in deaths here is just the beginning most likely given that we’re just entering the post-Thanksgiving infection numbers.

The U.S. reported 3,157 deaths from COVID-19 Wednesday, by far the most for any one day in the pandemic. It comes as a record number of people are hospitalized or in intensive care.

Wednesday’s death toll, according to data by Johns Hopkins University, is about 20% higher than the previous record of 2,607 deaths recorded on April 15. More than 5,700 COVID-19 deaths have been reported by JHU over the past two days.