The GOP is a Death Cult and Spaghetti that Kills – What I Learned Today – Wednesday, November 18

Senator Sherrod Brown on wearing a mask in the Senate:

And the next day:

Why is the GOP so hellbent on killing everyone? Including their own people!

Trump fired the DHS cryptosecurity chief by tweet for the crime of, telling the truth.

During the middle of that, a two GOP members on a board of canvassers for a county in Michigan that includes Detroit, refused to certify the election results before realizing that it probably wasn’t their best interest in starting a coup and finally voted to certify. One of the board members didn’t hold back in his criticism of the two trumpets:


Trump’s legal team is doing poorly in the courts:

Not a bad record for Giuliani who asked Trump for $20,000 a day for his “work”.

It’s becoming more clear everyday that there was a massive attempt at voter fraud.  Here’s one of the perpetrators:

Even Fox News is basically telling Trump to start the transition process:

This MAGAt mom is laying into a teacher for teaching students, er, facts:

A recipe for Pasta All’Assassina: