Happy Veteran’s Day! What I Learned Today – Wednesday, November 11

I hate being THAT GUY.  You know, the one who can turn a victory into a complete disaster. That guy who sees that Biden has now won by over 5 million votes, the biggest percentage of victory since FDR, will end up with 306 Electoral Votes, and still wonder how Trump will remain in office.  And I’m not quite up to THAT GUY levels yet. But I’m starting to get a bit nervous. Trump is psychotic. I don’t think he is lying about the fraudulent voting.  I think he actually believes this. He is completely divorced from reality at this point. And he is doing what has always worked for him before. Blustering, sending his legal team out to chip away, and radicalize his cult. The Republicans first started saying they were humoring him, but they have said that about every crazy whim that he has done now before ultimately backing him up with every dirty trick they can muster. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they will succeed, and I don’t give them much of a chance at that either. But the damage that they can do could be catastrophic. A militia was trying to kidnap the governor of Michigan a few weeks ago. Do you think Trump shrieking that he is being cheated out of the presidency is going to calm these militia cultist types?

I guess my question is, what now? What happens if Trump keeps clinging to these wild assertions for weeks? It’s just so exhausting.


This looks bad. Somebody should have warned us that this covid thing was real and dangerous:

Ron DeSantis hired somebody for his Covid data team. The man they deemed best for the job was a covid conspiracy theorist who has ranted against masks.

Looks like the Trump Administration is too busy chasing other shiny objects (A COUP!) and has forgotten about their Tik Tok ban:

A rare early recording of Janis Joplin singing Me and Bobby McGee: