VR Furries Are Now Running Around The Four Seasons Total Landscaping


Four Seasons Total Landscaping, the Philadelphia business smack dab between a crematorium and a sex shop, is in many ways, the heart and soul of America.

It also happens to be the place where former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani and other supporters of President Donald Trump’s failed reelection campaign addressed the press after media outlets called the race for his Democratic opponent Joe Biden.

Now, it exists in VR — complete with weathered detailing and a last-minute Trump 2020 podium. And rejoicing furries.

President-Elect Joe Biden – What I Learned Today – Monday, November 9

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am mentally drained.  In a good way though. After holding our collective breaths for almost a week straight, that exhale felt pretty damn good. Yesterday I did absolutely nothing and it felt wonderful. It also means I’m buried in work since I couldn’t concentrate at all after Monday last week so about to dig in but wanted to post some quick links for the day.

There is hope that a vaccine is on the way (although more research is needed). From the NY Times: Pfizer’s Early Data Shows Vaccine Is More Than 90% Effective.

Trump and Pence are trying to take credit for it but Pfizer has said they had no part of their “warp speed” thingie.

Stock market futures are up 1,700 points as I write this (a few minutes before opening bell).  It will be an interesting day on Wall Street.

President-Elect Biden (That felt really good to type) is selecting his COVID-19 Advisory Board.  (No, Dr. Fauci is not on it because he’s in government already and we’re not quite there yet.  I’m sure he’ll have a big spot come January 20th though.) One name that people are talking about is this:

Defeated loser and petulant man-child, Donald Trump, is refusing to admit that he lost the presidency in every way a person could lose the presidency and is vowing to fight this in court.


How much kompromat does Trump have on Lindsay Graham? Graham: If Trump concedes election, Republicans will ‘never’ elect another president.

Germany seems excited that Trump lost:

The evangelists are taking the loss in stride and not acting like complete lunatics at all!

John Oliver on the election: