Debate Night and Chocolate Chip Cookies the Size of Rhode Island: What I Learned Today – Tuesday, September 29

Debate night. Yes, I’ll be watching. I mean, if I were driving past a derailed flaming train, I would look and then complain about everybody gawking at it creating a traffic jam so I’m in. Trump is a terrible debater but is a walking unpredictable dumpster fire. Remember when he countered the Access Hollywood “grab them by the pussy” tape by bringing out Bill Clinton’s accusers to the debate?  His complete lack of shame and decorum is actually his strength. It shouldn’t be of course. Anybody else would have been laughed off the political platform long ago. I don’t know why it works for him. But it does. And it’s unfortunately effective. The only truthful thing he has ever really said was that he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and not lose any supporters. So I’ll be watching what most likely may be the demise of my beloved home country as Trump finds a way to take the discourse to a new record low.

His hysterics have already begun:

Reporter Julia Ioffe had all the symptoms of Covid-19 but kept receiving negative test results. Her doctors didn’t believe the results. Her story is quite the ride and illustrates how little we still know about this disease. It also highlights how dangerous covid is if you are not one of the lucky asymptomatic carriers. She is in her thirties with no pre-existing conditions and was sick for 5 weeks with partially collapsed lungs.

Trump pressured the C.D.C. on school openings. Naturally.

Anti-maskers are the biggest snowflakes:

You know she makes a really, really good point.

I’m not even going to bother to read the story for this (Nobel Peace Prize nominations are just kinda ridiculous), I just love that Trump is going to have a conniption about this:

A valve failed bigly and out came 50,000 liters of a Spanish rojo.

2020 just won’t let up!

John Oliver on The Supreme Court:

Nerdwriter’s latest video: How James Gandolfini Navigates Emotion

How to make thick “Levain style” chocolate chip cookies from Serious Eats. I first tried these at Levain bakery in NYC and fell madly in love.  From the picture, they look almost muffin like, but they really do have a cookie consistency. I’m a sucker for a good chocolate chip cookie and have made this recipe a few times in the past.  Not too often because they are the size of a throw pillow. But in times of dire stress, these are an amazing comfort food. Trust me:

After you form the dough they are the size of a tennis ball. I usually bake one or two after I make them (ok, three) and throw the rest in the freezer to take out during times of desperate chocolately need. Perhaps for a presidential debate?