RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg and 200,000+ Covid-19 Victims: What I Learned Today – Monday, September 21

A makeshift memorial for Ruth Bader Ginsburg at Harvard Law School.

Trump expects to make his announcement on who he will nominate to replace Justice Ginsburg on Friday or Saturday. I hope nobody is really surprised about the hypocrisy from the GOP by this point. McConnell would have tried to ram a conservative judge through even if a Justice died three days before the inauguration if Trump loses.

CDC is finally admitting that Covid-19 can be spread through the air. How on earth are they just updating their guidance regarding this now?

The Washington National Cathedral rang their bells 200 times for the 200,000 victims of Covid-19.

Trump’s defenders will say this is just a joke, but we all know that Trump has no sense of humor and is looking for some legal excuse to do this:

This is fact!:

I’m really enjoying the hell out of Chef Billy Parisi’s YouTube channel.  I need to make these Thai Drunken Noodles soon!