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Everything is Terrible: What I Learned Today – Friday, September 18

I hate putting up a post without anything positive, but 2020 and all….  Have a safe weekend.  46 days…

A few weeks ago there was a big change in CDC guidelines regarding covid-19 testing which was published to their website stating that testing was unnecessary in asymptomatic people who had been exposed to the virus. The New York Times is reporting that the change in policy actually came from Trump’s HHS which decided to bypass any scientific testing and just push it onto the CDC’s website:

Speaking of the HHS, their spokesperson has taken a leave of absence after a Twitter meltdown after accusing scientists of sedition.

How’s that Make America Great Again campaign going?

In just two decades though?

The White House blocked the US Postal Service from sending face masks to all US residents back in April. If you recall, this was when face masks were almost impossible to get. Very few cloth ones were even available unless you knew how to make them yourself. I remember that Mrs. C had a box of paper masks that she had bought a year or two before the pandemic which contained 6 masks. We gave out all we had to our family except for two for ourselves. Most people were not as fortunate and this could have offered some protection and saved a few lives if it had been implemented. But, Trump makes the wrong decision on every single call.

A guy refuses to wear a mask, refuses to leave when asked, tells the police to drag him out, and then resists arrest while being dragged out. The stupidity in this country….

A pastor who refused to shut down his church and refused to wear a mask is now in an ICU ward with covid-19.  Several members of the church’s staff also have tested positive. And some parishoners are holding candlelight vigils for the pastor, without wearing masks.

A trans Satanist/Anarchist registered as a member of the Republican party and ran for a Sheriff nomination and won. Their blog post about this is really something to behold:

I went into it expecting that I would lose the primary to a write-in candidate, because I didn’t think that so many voters were just… completely and totally oblivious about who they are voting for.

Because the fact is that you didn’t bother. You trusted the system. You trusted the establishment. You trusted the party. You felt safe. You were sure that there must be some mechanisms in place to prevent from occurring exactly what just occurred. Your anger is misplaced if you direct it at me. Please listen. Your anger is with the system that has lied to you. Your anger is with the system that convinced you to believe in it, trust in it, and have faith in it, when it is completely and utterly broken.


I’m running for sheriff because I oppose that very system, and the sheriff has the most hands-on ability in Cheshire County to oppose that system. The system that let you down by allowing me–the freaking transsexual Satanist anarchist–be your sheriff candidate is the same system I’m attacking. I’m sorry, and I know it hurts to hear, but that system is a lie. The entire thing is a lie. It’s broken from beginning to end, and my existence as your sheriff candidate is merely how this reality was thrown into your face.

Understatement of the year:

You can literally pick a random day since Trump became president and whatever day you picked would have something Trump did which would be a 3 year long scandal in any other administration.  Fact!

TikTok may be banned in the US starting Sunday.