Blue Moons and a Storrowing Happens: What I Learned Today – Wednesday, September 16

This week is a bit busy so forgive the smaller than usual posts.

Oooh, Halloween this year will be a rare blue moon.

Over 200,000 Americans have now died from Covid-19.

Trump had a town hall last night.  It did not go well. There are a million clips of it on twitter and YouTube, each more crazy than the last, but this is the one that I just can’t get over.  Trump is blaming Biden for not leading the country through the pandemic.  Let’s repeat that. The President of the United States, is blaming his opponent, a man who is currently NOT president, nor even in office in any capacity, for not passing any laws or leading the country during a pandemic when Trump is President. It’s like me blaming YOU for doing a shitty job on the material being posted to this blog. DO BETTER READER!

Scientific American has been around for 175 and has never endorsed a candidate for president.  Until now. They are endorsing Joe Biden.


A train a tad too high meets a bridge a tad too low and a storrowing occurs.

And “storrowing” is named after the memories of so many once healthy trucks that decided to take a jaunt on Boston’s Storrow Drive and became insta-convertibles.  Here’s one from yesterday:

Christine McConnell bought an old spooky Victorian house in New York without stepping foot in it, and just posted a video of her moving across country along with her first moments receiving  the key and stepping inside the assuredly haunted foyer.

Didn’t she have a Netflix show at some point? I remember watching the first episode and I forget why I didn’t watch more. (Just logged in, found it; The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, and added it to my Autumn watching list)