STFU Already JK Rowling and Baby’s First Waterfall – What I Learned Today – Tuesday, September 15

It’s Tuesday.  Let’s do this!

Just listen to Oscar the Grouch please.

Or Paul Rudd:

Maybe, just maybe, we should aspire to something a little higher in the leadership of our country  than having the former Fear Factor host, moderate a debate with the former Apprentice host.

Ummm, can we get a little more info on this story about ICE performing mass hysterectomies on detained women? This sounds like nazi level Dr. Mengele type of bad.

The GOP lost a bid to keep Green Party candidates on the ballot in Montana. I understand the sentiments of those liberals who vote Green Party, but your attempts to start a more liberal party have done nothing but create a more conservative United States.

The amount of stupidity packed into this 1 minute and 39 second clip is astounding and soul draining. And that also goes for the reporter who just parrots the covidiots’ QAnon talking points without interjecting the word “mistakenly” or “deluded” or “opposed to all available science” or “fucking crazy” at any time during the report.

JK Rowling has found the hill she wants to die on and it’s called Mt. Transphobia.

A baby seeing a waterfall for the first time and it’s a wonderful and pure moment:

I missed the 25th anniversary of the Windows 95 launch dance party. In case you have never seen it, this guy does an analysis of the video which is spot on: