What I Learned Today – Monday, September 14

Practically nothing. Not enough stuff today to put into Otherwise, but I did find out a few new things.  Hope everybody’s week has gotten off to a not too horrible start.

No masks, no social distancing, and an awkward race to be in a crowded arena to watch Trump go on and on about himself:

One doctor has called this rally, “negligent homicide”. Difficult to not agree with that considering what we know about how covid spreads now, especially indoors.

And Trump isn’t concerned that HE will get it during these rallies:

A recipe for flan pâtissier. I only allow myself to have dessert on the weekends. Last weekend were the half moons, (which turned out really well) and the week is young so I may not be in the mood for these come Saturday, but flan pâtissier is already a strong contender.