Screeching Cockatoos and Dangerous Bags of Soup: What I Learned Today – Wednesday, September 2

Good morning everyone.  I slept in a bit today and instead of feeling refreshed I am just more sluggish and sleepy. I hate when that happens. Let’s get started.

Markey won.  Good.

We’re not going to get a peek at Trump’s taxes until after the election. I mean, at this point, I can’t see any of his supporters changing their minds because of a tax return anyway, but on the other hand, how bad must this thing be if he’s fighting this hard to shield it. Remember when he said that he would be happy to show it to the world but it’s under audit and the IRS won’t allow it to be released? I think that was a fib.

Trump went on a long rant on the dangers of soup cans and bags of soup.  No, seriously.  SERIOUSLY:

He also is lying by saying that he won the popular vote in 2016.  He lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. The thing about this is in his diseased, brittle, stroke-filled, adderall-scarred brain, he probably really believes this:

And Trump is saying the quiet part very loud again:

The guy who organized the Trump boat parade has just been arrested.  It’s criminals all the way down.

81 US Nobel Prize Laureates have signed an open letter endorsing Biden.

Matt Shirley had a map the other day of the least popular attractions of each state.  Now he has one of the most popular:

I’ve been to Martha’s Vineyard, and it is indeed  lovely, but it’s a pain to get your car over on the ferry (don’t even try in summer) and is extremely expensive. But it’s a lovely day trip if you want to rent a bike or take a bus tour (or was pre-covid). And poor Rhode Island. Their best attraction is something that every single state on the coast already has by definition.

Typewriter art!  I love this so much:

Two cockatoos meet in a pet shop. That’s the video.