Black Lives Matter and Banksy Has a Boat: What I Learned Today – Monday, August 31

I’m not sure why this is considered such a controversial statement. I have posted it before and have received emails and comments saying “but all lives actually matter,” which, yeah, is kind of the whole point of the Black Lives Matter movement. The slogan doesn’t say “ONLY Black Lives Matter.” The  movement is about equality, not exception. You know, like not getting shot in the back 7 times or being restrained to death with a knee on your neck while white people are allowed to gun people down in the street and walk by police with an assault rifle in hand as people point him out as being a shooter as the police shrug their shoulders and allow him to go on about his business(links to video immediately after the shooting).

Of course, I guess if you do harbor some deeply rooted prejudices or enjoy listening to Tucker Carlson’s nightly show, the White Power Hour, then you would manufacture a reason to object to the indiscriminate state-sanctioned killing of black people by the police.

Or if you happen to be the current President of the United States:

We’re sitting on a tinderbox and Trump’s tweeting out torrents of gasoline.

Trump will be going to Wisconsin on Tuesday to make a bad situation even worse despite the Wisconsin governor and Mayor of Kenosha pleading with him to stay away.

Texas passes 12,500 covid deaths. The US as a whole will surpass 190,000 deaths very soon.

The University of Alabama now has reported over 1,050 new covid cases. And this report is from August 29th.

How bad is Ron DeSantis of Florida?  Well, stats show that Florida had an increase of 950% of covid cases after he reopened the state.

Twitter has removed a post a QAnoner tweeted about there actually being only 9K deaths from covid, not nearly 190,000.  This wouldn’t really be something that would make the news except that it was retweeted by the President of the United States trying to push more batshit insane lies about this very dangerous and lethal pandemic.

Herman Cain’s twitter account which is either being run by his family, his sycophants, or his reincarnated corpse, tweeted how covid really isn’t that deadly, despite Cain, you know, dying from it:

Banksy is funding a rescue boat for refugees in the Mediterranean sea.

The boat, named the Louise Michel, was bought with proceeds from some of the Bristol street artist’s works.

It has already carried out a number of rescue missions, taking on board 89 people from a rubber boat on Tuesday, according to its Twitter account.

The vessel features a painting depicting a young girl holding on to a heart-shaped safety float.

The Louise Michel is named after a 19th Century French anarchist and is captained by a professional crew with a “flat hierarchy and a vegan diet”.

The vessel’s mission statement is “to uphold maritime law and rescue anyone in peril without prejudice”.

“We on board the Louise Michel believe we are all individuals, nationality should not make a difference to what rights one has and how we treat each other,” it says on its website.

“We answer the SOS call of all those in distress, not just to save their souls – but our own.”


A redditor’s garage light is taken over by wasps to build their nest and it doesn’t look scary at all:

Somebody had their drone above the ceiling limit and it nearly collided with a helicopter.

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