Chroma Key Dresses and Kayaking in Chile: What I Learned Today – Friday, August 28

Last night I received an email saying that I had logged into my spotify account from Israel. I’m fairly certain I’m not in Israel right now.   I immediately had all spotify locations locked out while I changed my password.  While doing that I got another email from  gmail saying that a device from Morocco attempted to log in. Not taking any chances, I spent the rest of the night changing the passwords on all of my accounts associated with my email address.  Which as it turns out, is quite a few! And I’m sure I missed one or two that I don’t use any longer. For example,  I was about to fall asleep when I got a two-step identity test for BackBlaze, a cloud backup service that I used a few months ago.  Better to be safe than sorry so I got out of bed and changed the password on that as well.  And as I was in computer security hell, worried about my info and accounts, feverishly trying to remember which accounts were tied to my email, the thought passed through my head that it could be worse, and I could be watching the Republican National Convention.

Right Melania?

Wearing a chroma-key colored dress is always a bold move:

Looks like the Trump campaign forgot to buy the domain name Also, having a slogan “Keep America Great” while police are shooting black people in the back when they aren’t kneeling on their necks as protests erupt and rage through our cities while a pandemic burns through the country after having killed more than 185,000 people with no end in sight and as millions of people lose their jobs every single month as everybody associated with your administration is charged with crimes as you sit impotently on your toilet rage tweeting about how some people don’t like you, is quite the rallying cry.

This is a really good point so the media probably won’t cover it:

Kanye West is also breaking campaign finance law. But I guess if Trump can pay hush money to a porn star who he cheated on his wife with, then not many people are going to pay much attention to this either.

Cases of Covid are picking up now in Spain and France.  Spain had an uptick of 9,600 cases in the last 24 hours and France had over 6,000.

University of South Carolina is considering closing down campus after their covid cases doubled in a day. Who thought that this covid thing would be so catchy all of a sudden?

Kayaking the rio Claro river in Chile looks like one amazing experience:

Serious Eats has a post with 10 jam recipes. Homemade jam is a lot easier to make then most people think.  It gets a bit tricky if you want to preserve it of course (there are a few more steps to sterilize the jam properly) but whenever I have made homemade jam, it rarely has last longer than a couple of weeks in the fridge because it’s so good I can’t stop slathering it on everything.  (Apple season is upon us and I usually make a big batch of apple butter. Not sure if it’s technically a jam or not but it sure in hell isn’t butter)

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