What I Learned Today – Thursday August 27

Athletes are protesting the police killings by refusing to play. There seems to be some confusion if the teams are striking for the rest of the NBA playoffs, or a few games. The Trump Admin seems to be treating this as shitty as you would expect them to:

This is harsh, but fair:

We can’t trust the CDC. It has completely bowed to Trump.  First, the head of the CDC admitted that he got pushed into going along with Trump’s plasma treatment and now the CDC has changed their testing guidelines claiming that testing is not needed on asymptomatic people.

And the timing of this is suspicious since Dr. Fauci was having surgery at the time:

The thing I will take away from all this, if I survive 2020, is how quickly all of our institutions folded and went along with anything Trump said.

This visitor had the decency to ring the doorbell:

(Do they live on a highway or something?  Those cars are screaming by.)

Playing Flight of the Bumblebee on a toy piano at different tempos. Wow.