Drinking Bleach and the 15-Foot Penguin: What I Learned Today – Wednesday August 26

I woke up thinking that it’s Friday.  It is not Friday.  It’s not even Thursday. And even if it were the weekend, it’s not like there’s much to do outside of the house anyway. So I have no point. But the heat wave has broken and it’s only going to be in the 70s today. My brain stops working at about 84 degrees F (That’s 29 for those of you with socialized healthcare) so let’s get this day started.

The GOP is just one non-stop troll-a-thon at this point:

Trump used the White House as a backdrop for the RNC last night doing several things that are shady if not downright illegal and in violation of the Hatch Act. I’m up for impeaching him again.  I’m sure that he’ll face harsh repercussions  for….  oh nobody seems to give a shit anymore. Nothing matters if a republican does it.

46 North Texans poisoned themselves when they listened to Trump’s covid cure and did some bleach shots.  I won’t tell you what my reaction was to reading this but will say that by most metrics, I’m probably a terrible person. But you knew that already.

There’s trolling and then there is this guy who is the master of all trolling. He made a 30lb cast-iron three-toed pair of shoes, would take them onto a boat to get out to shallow water where he would slip his iron shoes on, and then walk out onto the beach swinging his leg as far as he could to make six-foot strides as he strolled for two miles in order to convince beachgoers and townsfolk that there was huge penguin in the vicinity. Somewhere out there, Andy Kaufman is in awe.

Paris has a lot of fake buildings.  Most of them are ventilation shafts designed to blend into the surroundings without being an eyesore. This Youtuber takes on a tour of a few of them.

Here’s another YouTube video with the fake buildings of New York City:

Artist James Gurney, who has one of my favorite YouTube channels, paints a Grumman LLV, better known as a USPS Delivery truck.