What I Learned Today – Tuesday August 25

Art. It’s been helping me during the pandemic to deal with the uncontrollable.  Poems.  Literature. Paintings. I developed a love for art quite late by most standards. In college I was purely tech, studying programming languages, math, physics. I never had time for art. As I have grown older, I have come to appreciate reading poetry, letting the words paint pictures or standing in front of a painting, allowing yourself to get lost in the artist’s world.

Since I can’t visit a museum anytime soon, art blogs have become that outlet.

An Unoriginal Blog talks about Gustave Caillebotte’s Paris Street: A Rainy Day:

There is a .41% chance that we may get hit with an asteroid on November 2nd, the day before the election. And sure, why not? An asteroid crashing into the planet could potentially be the second worst thing that would happen that week.

Oh, we’ll survive it. Bummer.

The Univ. of Alabama has reported 566 covid cases since last week. So, opening up colleges are going about as well as expected.

Another Trump supporter has resigned (twice in one day!) in shame and disgrace. Honestly, whenever I see a Falwell in the news, my eyes kind of glaze over and I want nothing to do with whatever story is going on.  He is a homophobe christian nutbag who is a huge Trumpy so a fresh batch of schadenfreude cookies are in the oven for anybody who wants one:

I did not watch the Happy Fun Racist and Felon Variety Show Republican Convention which means I missed out on this magical moment:

Hurricane Laura is forecast to hit the Gulf Coast as a category 3 storm. Be safe!

John Oliver takes a look at the progress of Trump’s Border Wall which is going about as well as Trump’s casinos, Trump wine, Trump university, Trump steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump vodka, Trump mortgages, Trump Ice, Trump magazine, Trump’s football team, Trump’s tv network, Trump’s presidency…

Food52 has a list of 23 slow cooker recipes up for fall. It’s still a bit too hot here for anything too heavy but bookmarking this for when the weather starts to change in a few weeks.

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