Monday, August 24 – The GOP is Totally Trump now and Bill Murray is Art

It’s Monday and the beginning of the last full week of August. Usually, I would be happy that August is over since Autumn is my favorite time of year by far. But given schools opening up and this country absolutely refusing to fret about a little ol’ pandemic, I’m not as enthusiastic about what September will bring. 181,000 deaths now if you’re still counting.

South Korea is warning that it’s on the brink of another nationwide pandemic with 397 new covid cases.  To put it in perspective how differently they are handling it compared to the US, we had 40,000 new cases Saturday and aren’t even breaking a sweat about it. (But Chris, the US has a bigger population.  Ok, fair enough, Florida’s population is less than half of Korea’s, and they had 3,000 new cases alone and that was actually a good day!)

A man driving by a Univ. of Kansas COVID Party (technically, ALL parties are covid parties whether they are intentionally trying to spread the disease or not) and the weird part happens after somebody throws his drink on the driver:

Kellyanne Conway is leaving the White House to “focus on her family” after her 15-year-old daughter says she is seeking emancipation from her parents. This could actually be true but given that Kellyanne has lied about everything in the last 4 years, call me skeptical to believe that anything that goes on in her world isn’t manufactured to maximize exposure and profit. I also see a lot of people with the “families are off limits so leave Kellyanne alone” position, which is  fair. Although considering that she enthusiastically defended children being ripped from their parents for crossing a border while seeking asylum, well I’m a little less empathetic about her family’s dirty laundry being twitter fodder. Personally, I wish the best for her daughter and hope we never hear from Kellyanne Conway again. (Spoiler warning: Oh, we sooooooo will see her and hear from her again. And soon. And as a media darling who selflessly gave up her high powered career to care for her daughter only to return with a book, talk show, movie deal and Senate candidacy.)

The Republicans have decided that their platform is just to do whatever Trump wants, whenever he wants it and if you have any other questions tough.

In most political presidential conventions, the nominee gives a speech on the last night, having been built up over the previous three or four days. Trump has announced he will be speaking at the Republican National Convention every. Single. Day.  Fasten your seatbelts and remove the bleach from drinking distance, this could will get weird really fast.

This is not a good answer from Biden:

The Dems and Joe probably should have a better solution than relying on the American people to get Trump out of office if he loses the election. And what does this even mean?  Storm the White House?  Angry tweets?

Matt Shirley asks his Instagram followers to name the worst tourist attraction in their state.

So Plymouth Rock is the worst one for MA. And yeah, I guess one would call it disappointing if they expected it to do more than sit around, like most rocks do. But it’s a rock. It says it’s a rock in the title. There’s even a nice canopy over the rock where one could go (free of charge mind you) to gaze down with starry eyes over the mighty stone before turning to a companion and saying “oh, it’s indeed a rock. Let’s go get a lobster roll.”

An artist transposes Bill Murray’s face on famous paintings and it works!