What I Learned Today – Wednesday, August 19

It has been over 3 weeks now since the CARES act expired leaving many people who have lost their jobs over the past few months without money desperately needed for rent and food. Trumps executive order which was signed two weeks ago is, as all things Trumpian, a confused mess which most states aren’t prepared to implement and will only provide about 3 weeks of aid. This was front page news until knocked off by the USPS crisis and the convention and now millions of people are left wondering what next? There’s still not much talk about a second stimulus check since the Senate is on recess until September 8th. Unless the stocks start to tank, I don’t think anybody will be in a rush to intervene.

Autumn is nearly here and with it comes the fall semester where students are returning to school and administrators are welcoming them back with warnings to study hard and that death awaits.

The University of Notre Dame has suspended in person classes after 147 students and administrators tested positive for covid-19. I know I am repeating myself here but the coronavirus isn’t going to ignore us just because we keep ignoring it.

A first grade teacher didn’t want her classroom to look scary to her students with plexiglass dividers so she spiffed them up a bit.  It’s posted in reddit’s r/aww and it is indeed cute if you can get past what the baseline horror of opening schools in the middle of a pandemic.

Joe Biden is officially the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee. Biden was far from my favorite candidate (I liked Warren and Harris) but now as far as I’m concerned, he’s the only sane choice. I always get comments about third party candidates and the evils of a two party system whenever I post something like this. Sure, two party systems are not ideal, but if Trump gets elected again we may be down to a one party system (according to Trump, voting for a democrat is fraud). We need to vote him out and the only way to do that is to vote for his only viable competitor.

FiveThirtyEight has a list of ways to vote in each state.

Trump sues New Jersey to block voting by mail. In a completely unrelated topic, Trump has cast his Florida primary vote by mail.

The Republicans have now nominated two conspiracy theorists for house seats.  Laura Loomer, previously famous for chaining herself to Twitter’s headquarters, won the primary for the district where Mar-a-Lago broods. Come November,  the Tea Party is going to start looking like a left-wing socialist party compared to this new breed of loons.

America loves guns but hates masks.  How about a compromise?

We always have bananas around the house. Usually they get gobbled up before they can ripen to banana bread level but every once in a while the bananas that get delivered (I still haven’t set foot in a store since April) are already ripe enough that we can’t eat them in time. I made these banana chocolate chip muffins with a recipe I found on the King Arthur baking site. You could probably omit the chocolate chips if you were inclined, but, why would you ever want to do something like that?

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