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What I Learned Today – Tuesday, August 18

So how are we doing with Covid-19?

The University of North Carolina tried starting their fall semester as close to normal as they could and now has become the first school to send students home after opening when 135 tested positive for coronavirus. This entire country is still in denial.

The latest miracle cure being pushed by Trump’s cult is an extract from Oleander, a toxic plant. This cure is being pushed by the MyPillow guy (naturally) and Ben Carson, who actually was a doctor (I’m still scratching my head at that one too) although not an infectious disease specialist (He was an expert in pyramidsplaining). Medical professionals who actually study Oleander say it will most likely kill you if you take it.

The Republican convention is announcing who they will have for speakers. And I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but here are two of the headliners:
They also are bringing Smirky, that MAGA kid who mocked the native american protester.

Kanye West will be on the presidential ballot for Utah. It looks like he will also be on the ballot in Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Vermont. So, hooray for democracy.

Michelle Obama hits another speech out of the park.  Here’s one of the highlights of her speech:

There’s a meme of gun enthusiasts pointing their loaded guns at their own crotches and I am perfectly ok with it. And yes, somebody has accidentally shot themselves while participating in this meme. Pointing a loaded gun to your own dick is as good as a definition of Trumpism that I could ever come up with. Kudos fellas!


Here is the full speech by Michelle Obama last night: