What I Learned Today – Friday, August 14

It’s been Friday for me since Wednesday. And every Saturday has felt like a Sunday since late May. I don’t know what any of this means anymore. But let’s take a peek to see what’s going on out there.

Georgia is reporting its highest death toll to date with 136 deaths yesterday. Meanwhile, their governor is issuing an executive order to prevent cities and counties from issuing mask mandates. Imagine being this stupid and still getting elected to lead a state.

Trump has a new coronavirus adviser who actually is a doctor… of medicine even!  Well, he’s a radiologist who has a lot of experience giving bad predictions about the pandemic on Fox News. So, yeah, always the best people.

This graph though… My god:

Trump has called mail-in ballots a fraud, how it is dangerous for the country because people cheat, that mail-in allots are the worst thing that could ever happen to our country.  And he just requested a mail-in ballot for himself and Melania.

Trump goes full birther on Kamala.  [Shocked emoticon]

The Huffington Post White House correspondent asked the most honest question to Trump to date. Trump ignores it and moves on to some other reporter who misses a brave opportunity to ask the same question and instead asks about payroll taxes. And you know if a woman had asked Trump that same question he would have called the question “nasty” before skulking away from the podium.  YOU KNOW THIS!

And it’s always good back to hear the Prophet Carlin tell it like it is: