What I Learned Today – Thursday, August 13

I’m taking the rest of the week off from work. I haven’t taken any days off since I started working from home back in March.  Mostly because since I’m not going anywhere, I might as well  work. It helps that my commute went from over an hour to 8 seconds. I’m planning on spending my free time venturing out and getting curbside takeout while I continue building CynicalLand in Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. Living my best life.

We’re doing a lot less covid testing. The upside of this is that the lab turnarounds for results are faster. The bad news is that we are still doing so poorly with cases and the majority of states never got this under control. The recommendations of all experts who aren’t into demon semen have advocated for are testing and contact tracing to prevent the spread (along with social distancing, and the use of masks while indoors). I’m convinced that a lot of states aren’t slowing down testing for faster results but to hide the infection numbers.

1,485 Americans lost their lives to covid-19 yesterday. Maybe if the coronavirus learned to fly and flew into a skyscraper we would pretend to give a shit again.

Dining inside and bars seem to be where a lot of the spread happens. I love going out to eat. I love bars. I don’t think I’ll be inside another one for a long time.

The official covid death count is almost at 170,000 deaths. But it’s looking like the true death count is much higher, topping 200,000 deaths.

Trump admits that he is sabotaging the USPS because he doesn’t want people to vote by mail.

He just blurts the quiet part out loud every single time. And why not? Even when he admits to actual crimes, republicans shrug it off and keep pushing ultra conservative judges on us.

Trump’s executive orders giving relief to the unemployed is as good as his word usually is. All show, zero substance.

On Tuesday, when Biden announced Kamala as his VP, I asked how long it would be before the conservatives start asking about her birth certificate. The answer is, less than 24 hours.

So if we take a peek at the How to Run Against a Person of Color for Dummies book, we see the next step is to start calling her very angry.  Such an angry black woman. Then find something to tie her to the black panthers, accuse her of wanting to kill whitey, and then start posting overtly racist images and baby, you got yourself a stew going!

Governor DeSantis is still the stupidest of Florida man. And that’s a fierce competition!

Holy Crap!  Sarah Cooper has her own Netflix special now!