What I Learned Today – Wednesday, August 12

I’m on my third day using my new standing desk.  How do I like it so far? How kind of you to ask. I’m loving it so far. I’ve spent about half of each day standing at it while working and then standing at it some more as I reached back into the video game archives and found Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 which I haven’t played since the 90s I think. I forgot how hypnotic that game can be. Anyway, it feels better than sitting on my ass all day and I haven’t pushed it off of my desk yet so thumbs up for my standing desk.  So far…

More than 40 members of a family test positive after attending a funeral.

Florida broke another record for coronavirus deaths.  277 yesterday. Their daily infected numbers are down which would be good if you didn’t dig into the data and see that they are just doing far less testing.  They still have a 17% positive rate.  Massachusetts, by comparison, is about 1.9%.

Trump has given up looking at virtually all of his daily intelligence briefings. What’s surprising to me is that they were still going on with the charade that he had the attention span to still even glance at them, or at least have them acted out with puppets made out of dollar bills. We have a president flying completely blind right now and that just scares me to the core.

Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar beat her primary competitor last night. The media kept wanting to go with stories that Omar and the rest of “the squad” may have just been a flash in the pan, but Omar’s win coupled with Rashida Tlaib’s win last week says otherwise. Honestly, the Democratic party is constantly being pulled more and more to the right so it’s nice to have some counterbalance.

The racist attacks on Kamala from the right have already begun.  This first phase is to push that she’s “not really black” which was how they started with Obama back in 2008. By September they’ll be accusing her of being a key member of the Black Panthers and how she has dedicated her life to going after whitey, especially to take away their guns.

I literally wrote that last sentence right before seeing this:

Watching GOP candidates win primaries now is like re-watching Idiocracy:

Speaking of Idiocracy:

Kamala Harris has really good taste in books.

And holy crap, Sarah Cooper guest hosted Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night!