What I Learned Today – Monday, August 10

A new week. What fresh hell will it bring? I bought a standing desk converter and it arrived over the weekend. I’ve used it a bit yesterday and I’m enjoying the option of doing some work while standing yet also being able to bring it down to park my ass on a chair when needed. I’ll let you know how I feel at the end of the week.

That school which was in the news last week for suspending a student for taking pictures of a crowded hall is back in the news again.  They first defended their action in suspending the student by claiming that the photo looked worse than it appeared and that of course they are doing everything possible to prevent students from getting covid-19.  Well, at least 9 students so far have tested positive now for covid.  They have closed the school for “cleaning” but will surely try reopening it in a few days. I don’t know how many more deaths it will take for the message to get through.

Florida broke another record.  This one for the number of hospitalizations in a week.

Trump has found a new way to congratulate himself. He now issues executive orders for popular things that are already in place, declare that nobody has ever done this before and then lobbies to have his face put on Mount Rushmore. He declared he is signing an order (or did he sign it this weekend? I can’t keep up) requiring insurers to cover people with pre-existing conditions, which would indeed be impressive if Obama hadn’t already done that and passed it as an actual law, not an easily reversible Executive Order.

He also keeps pushing a lie that he passed some law that was already on the books dealing with veterans.  When pressed on this issue by one of those “nasty women” reporters, he skulks out of the press conference.

And then there’s this:

Good grief.

The US Postal service is being disassembled in broad daylight with little resistance. Trump’s lackey postmaster general reassigned and displaced 23 executives and has now consolidated control around himself.

An otter escapes an orca by jumping on this guy’s boat.