What I Learned Today – Friday, August 7

I received my first mail-in ballot yesterday for the Massachusetts primary. I’ll fill it out and send it today or tomorrow. The only interesting race in it is Markey vs Kennedy for Senate.  I’m voting for Markey who I have always found to be a damn good Senator.

As for now, I’m enjoying to sticking to getting most of my news in the morning. The news cycle, especially when it comes to Trump, is just a never-ending barrage of idiocy, bad policies, and it will drive you nuts if you just keep refreshing twitter and watching CNN. Small doses seems to be the best means for consumption now. Like you’re immunizing yourself from some kind of poison. Especially given that the presidential race will be hitting warp speed at the same time that schools open up as the pandemic numbers are already spiking in the majority of the country. I’m not expecting 2020 to go out quietly. We’ll be lucky to get out of this not just with our health, but our sanity.

We have hit the 5 million mark for covid-19 cases in the US. I wish I could report that anybody in government seems to care anymore.

A catholic priest who was upset at parishoners for not going to church out of fears of getting the coronavirus has caught the coronavirus. Must be part of god’s plan.

The US has issued a travel warning about going to New Zealand because they currently have 23 active cases. (I checked this like 3 times to make sure I wasn’t linking to the Onion.) If you want to know how petty this warning is, the population of New Zealand is almost 5 million.  We have had over 5 million coronavirus cases in the US alone and current active cases is almost 2.5 million that we even know about. Oh yeah, and New Zealand has already closed their borders to Americans, just like every other sane nation has done by now.

The stimulus negotiations are not going well with Trump’s chief of staff getting huffy after negotiating with the Democrats for a few hours yesterday. Trump was so upset with the lack of help for the millions of unemployed Americans that he couldn’t even stay in the White House and has left for a three day golfing weekend.

Meanwhile, Kanye, in true Trumpian fashion, is saying the quiet part loud and has admitted that his halfhearted presidential run is just an attempt to take votes away from Biden:

Trump declares TikTok a national emergency and signs an executive order to ban it in 45 days. Because in Trump’s head, Sarah Cooper is a bigger threat than Covid-19. Nobody is really sure how legal this even is. And Trump’s crowing about how the US will get a piece of any sale of TikTok to an American company will surely muddy up the legal questions.

And a Rube Goldberg pop quiz!