What I Learned Today – Thursday, August 6

I started watching Dark on Netflix yesterday. How deep of a rabbit hole did I just enter?

Florida passes 500,000 cases and breaks more hospitalization records. Does anybody even care?

So far the schools that have opened have been amazing….. at spreading the coronavirus.

A high school student has been suspended for sharing a picture of a packed hallway during a class change with no masks. The school’s policy is to punish anybody who posts something to social media that could be construed as negative to the school’s image. I wonder if whistleblower laws apply to this situation.

Jobless report today is 1.2 million.  This is happening while Congress still can’t agree on UI support.  I’m not an economist so maybe I’m wrong here, but isn’t over a million people losing their jobs on a weekly basis kinda bad?

Trump’s bank complied with a subpoena. In any other administration, this would be huge news that captured every single news cycle. I’m not holding my breath on this.

Hey look, two steps forward, 1.9 steps back:

Here’s that ukelele cover of Sweet Child O’ Mine that you haven’t requested but need.

And it’s not the only amazing cover that they have performed.