What I Learned Today – Wednesday, August 5

The remnants of the storm that is spelled close to Isiah but different and I refuse to google for the umpteenth time to see exactly how to spell it passed over us yesterday. We had an hour of rain and wind and then it disappeared, like a miracle.  Ok, coffee made, just rebooted the cat, let’s see what’s going on out there today.

US averages more than 1,000 deaths again for the ninth day in a row. Current death toll is now over 160,000. I’ve never seen death normalized so fast.

Trump completely changes course and says voting my mail is perfectly fine, as long as you are in Florida with that nice Republican governor who is busy killing off constituents with his homicidal negligence.  But voting by mail is perfectly fine.

Also, Trump is suing Nevada to stop them from voting by mail.

Trump claimed that yesterday’s horrendous explosion in Beirut was caused by a bomb. This morning the Pentagon said Trump was full of shit. They may have phrased it differently.

The explosion has left 300,000 homeless and at least 100 dead.  After seeing video of the explosion, it will be a miracle if there are only 100 people killed. That was the most devastating video I have seen short of nuclear testing films.

There are some first hand accounts of living in and around the blast radius in this Reddit thread.

This video is [chef’s kiss]

Chris Cornell’s acoustic version of Fell on Black Days is everything.