What I Learned Today – Tuesday, August 4

Whatever is left of Hurricane Isaias will be passing over me in a few hours. Looks like it should be weakened enough that we’ll just get some rain and some gusts of wind.  Perhaps a thunderstorm. Let’s take a look around the web while I still have electricity and see what’s new.

The above obituary ran in the local paper of Jefferson, Texas.

Coronavirus is found on another operating cruise ship.  Wait, CRUISE SHIPS ARE OPERATING AGAIN?????

Five people who attended a meeting with Gov. DeSantis tested positive for Covid.  DeSantis says “No no, it’s ok, I tested negative.” Schools are opening btw.

Speaking of schools, 260 school employees in a Georgia school district have tested positive for Covid-19. I’m sure adding students to the mix will undoubtedly slow the spread.

Our dear leader had another train wreck of an interview.  All of his interviews are fairly disastrous. He has surrounded himself with sycophants who will agree with whatever his brain worms are saying that day so when anybody asks him a question, no matter how much of a softball it is, he can’t do anything but flap around like a fish out of water.

Oh good god.  He really clings to the testing graph like a person who can’t swim in the deep end of a pool clinging to anything that looks like it can float.

When asked what he thinks about John Lewis, he just keeps bringing up how John Lewis didn’t go to his inauguration.

The entire interview is here if you really want to put yourself through it.  You won’t learn much new though if you already have come to the conclusion that Trump is a narcissist without any cognitive ability left in his warped racist shriveled brain who needs to be escorted from the White House and transferred to a padded cell as soon as possible.

And I made myself a promise when I started doing these longer blog posts that at least one link would be something positive and not dealing with politics or pandemics. So my favorite subreddit of the day, /r/Museum where beautiful works of art are posted daily.  My favorite of the day: