What I Learned Today – Wednesday, July 29

US has over 1,200 new covid deaths which is the biggest one day total since the end of May. The good news is that new cases have plateaued in red states. Although, they seemed to do that after the states bypassed the CDC and gave numbers straight to Trump’s people so the veracity of these numbers may be questionable.

Texas Rep and anti-masker Louie Gohmert just tested positive for coronavirus.

I can’t figure out what’s going on with the stimulus deal negotiations. And it seems that Republicans can’t figure it out either:

A conservative think tank leader and former Trump admin official says the quiet part loud:

A protester is kidnapped by men not in any uniform who push her into an unmarked van.

She was later released and it turns out that the kidnappers were also cops. And I’m using the term kidnapping here because that is in no way an arrest. It’s a strong arm tactic being used to promote fear, not order. If police want respect perhaps they should stop acting like John Wayne Gacy.

This kinetic wave sculpture is mesmerizing.


What I Learned Today – Tuesday, July 28

Florida sees a serious uptick in child Covid-19 hospitalizations. Schools open soon.

78% of Covid-19 patients show signs of heart damage after recovery.  That’s the thing with this disease.  It’s not just the mortality rate, but how much other complications it introduces in those who recover. Did I mention that schools open in a few weeks.

A Broward county school memo is directing employees not to reveal covid-19 statuses of themselves or anybody else in the district.  This is the opposite of contact tracing. Florida is running a textbook operation of everything you ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO during a pandemic. All those Florida Man jokes were accurate.

Andrea Bocelli has an amazing voice.  It’s a shame that he’s a complete moron.

The NFL has cancelled the preseason. Not sure how they think they can have a season at all given a sport like baseball which is fairly socially distanced in terms of the field (not so much in the dugout) can’t go a weekend without having an outbreak.

Dr. Fauci’s baseball card sets an all time high sales record. I’m sure that’s not the reason why last night Trump was retweeting conspiracy theories against the good doctor. He wouldn’t be that thin-skinned or jealous. Totally not like him.

Trump tweeted that he was not going to be able to throw out the first pitch for a Yankee game on August 15th. The Yankees were a bit confused because, well, they hadn’t invited Trump to throw out the first pitch. Turns out Trump was just jealous that Fauci threw out the first pitch for a game last week. He. Lies. About. EVERYTHING!

Speaking of Trump tweets, he went on a hydroxychloroquine bender last night tweeting and retweeting conspiracy theories and promoting the malaria drug that does nothing for covid-19 except cause more complications. Two of the tweets were so batshit insane that Twitter stepped in and deleted them.

And now, junior’s account was just suspended:

The reddit thread of the day: What’s something that a lot of people are missing out on because they don’t know about it?

This Afternoon in Covid Infections

Here’s a headline for you:

Anti-mask US senator who called coronavirus a hoax tests positive for Covid-19.

An Arkansas senator who shared an article that described the coronavirus pandemic as a “hoax” has contracted Covid-19.

Republican senator Jason Rapert, who unsuccessfully introduced a bill to ban gay marriage in the US in 2017, was hospitalised with coronavirus and pneumonia on 24 July.

Earlier in the year, as many states were beginning to take social distancing measures to attempt to control the spread of the virus, Mr Rapert shared an article on Facebook that called the pandemic the “biggest political hoax in history”.

Also, Herman Cain who attended Trump’s Tulsa hatefest is STILL in the hospital with Covid-19. It has been 27 days since he was first hospitalized.

And, this doesn’t bode well for upcoming sportsball stuff:

Major League Baseball Starts Postponing Games

After a long season of almost (checks notes) 4 days, the league has had to start postponing games because for some weird reason, players keep testing positive for a virus that is coincidentally part of, and cause, of a pandemic.


Two Monday night MLB games were postponed because of an outbreak of the coronavirus among the Miami Marlins.

The Marlins’ home opener against the Baltimore Orioles is off, as well as the Philadelphia Phillies’ home game against the New York Yankees.

Miami just completed a series in Philadelphia, and seven more players and two coaches with the Marlins tested positive for the coronavirus. An outbreak has spread throughout their clubhouse and brought the total cases in recent days to at least 13, sources familiar with the situation told ESPN’s Jeff Passan and Jesse Rogers.

MLB said the games were postponed while the league conducts more testing.

What I Learned Today – Monday, July 27

Churches are still the best places to go if you really want to spread coronavirus. Wake up people. If there is a god, he fucking hates you. (but good news, there isn’t.)

Florida has now surpassed NY for Covid-19 cases. I feel like that was part of Florida’s plan though.

Covid-19 is starting to rise again in MA. We were one of the hardest hit states back in April and did a tremendous job of flattening the curve. And then summer happened. And people got bored. And tourists from other states came in.

Baseball season started and the Florida Marlins’ players immediately testing positive with at least 12 cases of coronavirus.

Good news!  Some Trump supporters are finally wearing masks into their local Walmarts.

Trump really does love his walls:

Trump’s National Security Advisor tested positive:

Ted Cruz is still a huge gaping hemorrhoid filled asshole.

Monday and Tuesday have heat advisories in my fair state of Massachusetts. Sure is gonna be a hot one today.

George Carlin always told it like it was and it still is: