What I Learned Today – Friday, July 31

Ok, coffee poured.  Cat petted.  Time to open up my news feed and see what horror awaits.

A dump truck got hit by a garbage truck.

So Congressman Covid has really done everything possible to be a superspreader.  Not only did he refuse to wear a mask, insist that his staff did not wear a mask, then gave his staff the news that he was positive in person, but after finding out his results, one of his first stops was to go to the gym.

Some schools have started already.  They immediately have their first Covid case.

I don’t even know where to begin on this:

Turns out, Trump built his wall and we all paid for it:

What happens when Trump refuses to accept an electoral loss? Professor Lawrence Douglass from Amherst College has written a book about this looming constitutional crisis. It’s a lot more complex than having a Marine guard kicking Trump’s ass out onto Pennsylvania Avenue.


In case you have forgotten what a presidential speech sounds like: