This Afternoon in Covid Infections

Here’s a headline for you:

Anti-mask US senator who called coronavirus a hoax tests positive for Covid-19.

An Arkansas senator who shared an article that described the coronavirus pandemic as a “hoax” has contracted Covid-19.

Republican senator Jason Rapert, who unsuccessfully introduced a bill to ban gay marriage in the US in 2017, was hospitalised with coronavirus and pneumonia on 24 July.

Earlier in the year, as many states were beginning to take social distancing measures to attempt to control the spread of the virus, Mr Rapert shared an article on Facebook that called the pandemic the “biggest political hoax in history”.

Also, Herman Cain who attended Trump’s Tulsa hatefest is STILL in the hospital with Covid-19. It has been 27 days since he was first hospitalized.

And, this doesn’t bode well for upcoming sportsball stuff: