What I Learned Today – Thursday, July 23

For my own sanity, I have attempted to curtail my consumption of news and social media. So usually these ‘what I learned today’ are things I have come across since sometime in the previous evening when I closed my laptop to stop the urge of throwing it across the room. So with coffee and cat by my side, let’s see what has happened.

The US had a 2nd day in a row of over 1,000 coronavirus deaths. As of this writing there have been 146,198 deaths in the US from covid. And over 4 million cases!

Texas alone had almost 200 deaths yesterday.

The $600 dollar weekly unemployment benefit expires at the end of July.  This is going to be a big issue.  A lot of people who have been laid off were using that to stay afloat. Especially since we’re still in the middle of a pandemic that is worse now than ever. Republicans want to lower it to $100 a week. Their rationale is that people won’t want to go back to work because $2400 a month is too high. Serious question here.  Are there even many jobs that these workers could go back to at the moment?  Leaving behind the whole “getting covid and getting seriously ill and/or dying” part, we have record amount of layoffs. Removing that $600 will force a lot of people to overload an already precipitous job market. This will be a disaster. And the incentive of the $600 a week was because we WANTED as many people as possible to stay home to not spread covid. And then there’s this creep:

And I had just finished writing about unemployment benefits when Thursday’s unemployment numbers were released.  Another 1.4 million.

The House voted to remove confederate statues from the Capitol.  That statues to these traitors were even in the Capitol is fairly astounding. The bill passed 305-113 with all the nay votes being of the Republican variety.  Naturally.

Trump is still talking about the stupid cognitive test and every new explanation puts him, and all of us, deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole:

Cat burglar!!!